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Knobby is a Sharen war-dragon belonging to Sun'ya.

Appearance & Personality

Knobby is a stout female dragon with tainted eyes. She has an exceptionally burly frame and wide maw, with a large bone crest atop a hornless head. She is quite well trained, unlike the mount of her master's sister.

Biography - Arc II

Recruiting the Black Sun

Knobby first appeared as her master arrived to offer his sister aid in corralling her poorly-controlled dragon after it succeeded in causing a disturbance among the common populace during a routine patrol.[1] Sun'ya elected to patrol alongside his sister, but shortly thereafter received orders from Vidhi'yani to aid in "recruiting" a group of Black Sun mercenaries causing a disturbance in a nearby tarvern. Knobby accompanied her master to the site, aiding to pacify the ruffians after breaking through a section of the tavern's wall.[2] The effort ultimately paid off, as Sarv'swati was able to strong-arm the Black Sun leader into pledging his tribe to her service.[3]

Battle of the Council Dome

Moons later, Knobby was present as Sarv'swati led the Sharen in a desperate stand against the Sarghress assault of the Council Dome.[4] Though Sarv'swati rallied her forces for a final counter-attack, the charge was broken as Kyne drove a siege golem into their ranks, driving Sarv'swati into the walls of the dome and gravely injuring her. Sarv'swati's remaining forces broke into a rout, allowing the Sarghress to claim victory at the dome.[5]

As Sun'ya was able to elude capture and fall back to the Sharen's final holdings within the territory of Zala'ess[6], Knobby presumably survived the battle.

Character Concept