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Koil'dorath Nori'fu Val'Sarghress

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Koil'dorath is of the commanders of the Sarghress Assault Legion and both friend and adoptive daughter to Quain'tana.

Appearance and Personality

Koil'dorath stood as a bulwark, barring access to the Sarghress Fortress during the Nidraa'chal War.

Koil'dorath is a hardened soldier in body and mind. Her build is large and menacing, and her face is rugged and marked by age. She has a serious and stern demeanor that she wields professionally in her command of the Sarghress troops. Like Quain'tana, she has little interest in politics and prefers to spend her time on the battlefield.

Koil'dorath has very long orange hair dyed red at the ends that she ties back in a messy braid. Her eyes are orange. Her armor is bright red and features several orange fire foci. She carries a large broadsword in battle.

Biography - Background

Born to Suu'be and Mandroga, Koil'dorath was adopted by Ill'haress Quain'tana Val'Sarghress and named official heir to the clan after Quain'tana exhausted other means of producing a blood heir. Despite her new position as heir, she remained a commander of the Assault Legion alongside fellow commander Sang.

During the Nidraa'chal War, Koil'dorath lead the Sarghress force defending entry into their home territory. Violently barring entry of both Nidraa'chal and Sharen forces alike, her forces cemented Sarghress neutrality in the conflict.[1]

Biography - Arc I

Koil'dorath and Quill'yate's spars grow in intensity once magic becomes involved.

Ariel first met Koil'dorath in Quain'tana's throne room, where Koil accepted a merchant's offer to try a mana-enhanced retractable blade gauntlet. She later had an intense sparring bout outside the Val'Sargress fortress with Quill'yate Yurun'hiir Sarghress, the Commander of the Highland Raiders.

A few years later, Koil'dorath's status as heir was revoked and given to Ariel Val'Sarghress. While Suu'be Nori'fu Sarghress, Koil's mother, was resentful of this decision, Koil'dorath did not mind at all and promised to serve the next Il'haress just as she served Quain'tana.

Biography - Arc II

The District War

Koil'dorath delivers the terms of surrender to the remaining Sharen forces.

Koil'dorath continued to lead the Sarghress Assault troops in the war on on the Vel'Sharen. She had heard "from good sources" that Ariel, the heir, was not to be promoted to active combat duty until after the war.[2] Ariel, unaware of this decision, answered Koil'dorath's call to the Home Guard for reinforcements. Koil'dorath leveled with Ariel and told her honestly that she did not want the heir title, she just wanted to kill Sharen.

Figuring her help would be worth Quain'tana's displeasure, she allowed Ariel to join the fight and placed her under Sang Niz'zre Sarghress' command. Meanwhile, Koil'dorath led the charge against Beldrobbaen and Sharen forces from First Landing. Soon after the famed gate to Chel fell under Sarghress control, Koil'dorath moved to the western front for a final push against Vel'Sharen's land holdings directly, at the Val'Sharess' tower in the ruined districts. She was the one to deliver terms of surrender to the Sharen gate as the Sarghess moved to surround the Sharen home fortress.

Parlay with Zala'ess

Koil'dorath rejoined her squad, who waited at the edge of the Vel'Vlozz'ress Rift in the event that Quain'tana's meeting with Zala'ess Vel'Sharen soured. When she arrived, she found her bloodthirsty soldiers discussing the recent troop movements, which included some Vloz agents coming up from the south. She noticed that Saryth had taken drow body parts to feed despite her earlier orders otherwise. As Gaes accepted the parcel from Saryth, Koil asked where the meat had come from. When Saryth admitted that it had been taken from commoners who rebelled against the wall being built around their district, Koil admonished her, re-iterating that she wanted no commoner blood shed unless they had joined the war effort.[3]

Koil'dorath takes her unruly squad to task for killing civilians.

Gaes and Saryth continued to comment on their distaste for the rebels, despite Koil's warnings. The commander then took hold of the two warriors, reinforcing her order that she wanted no more talk of killing commoners. When Gaes protested, speaking of a blood sacrifice, Koil cut her off and demanded that she keep her path to herself. Immediately afterwards, Quain'tana's arrival was brought to her attention.[4]

The Puppeteer Incident

Watching from the ridge, Koil'dorath spotted the flare sent up by Quain'tana after the Demon God made its appearance. In response, she ordered her artillery troops to open fire on the demon in an attempt to weaken it and drive it back to its home plane. The rest of her ground forces moved in for support, particularly the sealer division, who attempted to seal the Demon God as well as the residual demons that had also escaped during the summoning ritual.

Sarghress Civil War

After the Puppeteer Incident had concluded and the new Alliance formed, Koil'dorath was among the troops waiting and watching as Quain'tana sparred with Quill'yate. She observed her niece Riviel challenging Ariel to a spar, and called the younger Norifu out when she struck at Ariel's unprotected head. After Ariel admitted to being goaded into the spar after Riviel had openly insulted Quain'tana, Koil'dorath admonished her for it, and ordered the spar to continue. When Ariel scored a point on Riviel, who stormed off in anger, Koil advised her to watch her back.[5]

Koil'dorath begs Quain'tana to stop beating Suu'be.

After Quain'tana's poisoning, Koil'dorath waited with Suu'be, Ariel and Angjss'stra ourside of the healing chamber, where a Val'Sullisin'rune healer attempted to remove damaged tissue from the Ill'haress' face. While listening to the painful cries of the Ill'haress, Suu'be commented that someone else should be leading the clan in order to give Quain'tana time to heal properly.[6] Ariel asked Koil'dorath if she would take charge, to which Koil refused, saying that her place was on the battlefield. Suube then began to berate Ariel, claiming that Koil would lead the clan, not her, accusing her once again of being spoiled. Quain'tana appeared behind Suu'be, having heard her vocal commentary, and immediately confronted the commander, accusing her of trying to replace her. As she attempted to ask forgiveness for her words, the words seemed to only enrage the increasingly paranoid Quain'tana, who began to savagely beat Suu'be, declaring that those who plotted behind her back would not survive her passing.[7]

Koil'dorath stepped in before the beating became fatal, begging Quain'tana to stop. She pointed out that while Suu'be was opinionated and foul mouthed, she was still loyal to the clan. When Quaintana demanded to know if Koil was siding with Suu'be and turning against her too, Koil denied it, and continued to try to reason with the Ill'haress, insisting that Suu'be was loyal. Quain'tana finally relented, saying that politics were the reason she was stuck with Suu'be, and that it was for Koil's sake that she would spare her.[8]

Relieved, she thanked Quain'tana for showing leniency. As Suu'be was carried into the healing chamber, Sang arrived, having been drawn by the noise. She advised that Koil'dorath take the legions out for exercises, hoping to alleviate any rumors that might spread after the incident.[9]

Fall Of A Legend

Koil'dorath mourns the loss of her birth mother, Suu'be, at the hands of her adoptive mother.

To Koil's dismay, she returned from leading the field exercises to find the clan in the midst of a mutiny, as well as finding Riviel and Ariel in the middle of what she thought was another rivalry-fueled brawl. After berating them for brawling again, especially during a time of crisis, she declared that she was disappointed in the two of them. She then ordered them both to be locked up together, saying she would deal with them once the current mess was over.

Koil'dorath made her way to the central courtyard of the Sarghress fortress, where Quain'tana was having a final standoff against Suu'be and the Home Guard, as well as members of the Norifu House. She arrived a moment too late, however, and arrived in time to see Quain'tana rise up despite taking multiple crossbow bolts to the midsection. The Ill'haress took Suu'be by the neck and snapped it, killing the Home Guard commander. Koil caught her mother as she fell, then gritted her teeth and watched as Quain'tana was carried away.

Later, it was suspected that Koil'dorath would take charge of the legions while Ariel and the remaining children were moved to Machike'Shikumo for their safety until the anti-val mutiny was fully quelled.

Biography - Arc III

Three years later, during the siege of Machike'Shikumo by Hermionne invaders, Kel'noz and Ariel discussed that there had been no word from Koil'dorath, despite numerous requests for aid being sent back to the clan.

Later, after Ariel and her comrades known as the Wolf Pack had invaded Felde with a mixed group of allies, they were confronted by the Sarghress Legions, with Sang at their head. When Sang finally reached the chamber that Kel'noz and several others were defending in the central Felde tower, he demanded to know what she had done to Koil. Sang bluntly told him that Koil was dead, and they were all that was left of the clan. During another fight between Ariel's squad and several Legionnaires, Kor'maril Sarghress told Ariel that Koil'dorath had been unable to hold the clan together. Once she had died, it had all fallen apart, implying that at Koil'dorath was now deceased.

Notable Quotes

"Let me clear this up, since we never got a chance to talk before: I don't care that Quain'tana chose you as heir over me. I'm here to kill Sharens, and so are you." - To Ariel after her arrival with reinforcements from North Cliff.

"They give us a fight for every inch of this miserable cavern. If we hold firm, within a moon turn, this might be finally over. Do your part, stay alive, and maybe you'll live long enough to witness Quain'tana's fury at letting you join the war zone." -To Ariel, when asked how the war was going for their side.

"Suu'be spoke without thinking - please forgive her. She's blood kin and served faithfully in the Home Guard for countless years! I know she has a foul mouth, she's opinionated, but under all that she's still loyal!" - To Quain'tana, pleading for her to spare Suu'be's life.

Character Concept