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Kyo'nne Val'Illhar'dro

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Kyo'nne is an eccentric, upbeat Val'Illhar'dro popstar from Chel'el'Sussoloth. She often plays the mediator between her friends who are of stark opposing views. Though she appears to be brainless, she hides a sharp intellect and an observant mind on the world around her.

Appearance & Personality

Kyo'nne Val'Illhar'dro is a flighty girl, with a great many interests that strike her fancy one moment and are forgotten the next, as seen with her infatuation with Shan'naal and Craft. She is so far exclusively interested in males, which is out of the ordinary for the average bisexual female drow. She has the ability to sing which is amplified by her spellsong, and she often uses this ability as a tool to attempt diplomacy in tight situations. Despite this flippant exterior, Kyo'nne is intelligent; she is always the first to point out the fine details in the people she calls her friends.

Though her friends are on opposing sides of the war in Chel, Kyo'nne still strives for peace between the factions in the name of the greater good and a better future for all faekind. She is a revolutionary who does not believe in standing idly by while the world turns around her.

As a young girl Kyo'nne always sported pigtails with dyed teal ends, and wore finery in her clan's colors as most Illhar'dro do. However, as she grew up, Kyo'nne adopted other colors to wear, such as pink and purple, and now sports a single ponytail with a pink flower tied into her hair. For her concerts, Kyo'nne conjures a second ponytail made of mana.

Biography - Arc I

Meeting Ariel

Under the disguise of Faen, Ariel Val'Sarghress tries to coax Chrys'tel Vel'Sharen closer to her while her friends stand by--one of which is Kyo'nne, the only untainted girl in the group. When Chrys is discovered beaten, Kyo'nne asks if that's truly Faen, then realizes that it's the Sarghress girl using High Sorcery to change shape. Understanding the need for diplomacy, Kyo'nne approaches Ariel with compliments on her strength and offers forgiveness if Ariel begs for it. Shinae thinks the ruse is Kyo'nne turning tail on Chry'stel and accuses her of betraying the girls. When everyone is about to fight, Chirinide Val'Kyorl'solenurn appears on the scene with two Kyorl templars and orders them to capture the tainted girls and Kyo'nne, referred to as a "corrupted one".

In Chirinide's Custody

Kyo'nne (now sporting a red Kyorl mark on her forehead that shows she's a corrupted one) is brought to the Val'Kyorl'solenurn Fortress to be "cleansed"--brainwashed using empathy--and Shan'naal Kyorl'solenurn mentions that he gets a strange feeling from her, and warns that her clan's spellsong is a dangerous ability. Chiri orders the templar holding Kyo'nne to give up custody to her. The Kyorl then gives Kyo'nne the choice of either going through with the brainwashing or becoming Chiri's indentured servant for the next two days. The answer is obvious to Kyo'nne and she chooses the later but complains that the Kyorls should treat their prisoners better than what she's gone through with them.

Following the blonde drowussu children, Kyo'nne is witness to their methods of getting rid of tainted people--killing them as soon as they can. She is shocked and asks why they would do this, and if they plan to kill all the tainted. Chirinide and Shan both answer with a resounding YES and explains that if the Sarghress they had killed were left alive, he would have turned into a demon. Kyo'nne grumbles at this, saying that's the reason why drowussu are hated, but Shan counters that they will bear the hatred if it meant ridding the world of demons, as it was their holy duty from the goddess. At these words, Kyo'nne blushes and begins to cling to Shan'naal.

They discover more Sarghress corpses, and soon are attacked by Ver'aku demons. Shan orders Kyo'nne to do something useful and Kyo'nne starts to sing via her spellsong sorcery--it worked against the demons and allowed Tir'ade to go on offense. Kyo'nne bears witness to Tir'ade refusing to kill himself according to Kyorl laws.

The Attack on the Caravan

Forced to follow Chirinide on her quest to protect Ariel, Kyo'nne has taken up with sticking by Shan'naal's side--now calling him "Shanoo". Despite her many advances, Shan politely refuses her affections in favor of fulfilling his duty to be Chirinide's templar. During a surprise attack on the Highland Raider caravan by dwarves, Ariel is attacked by Jer'kol Sarghress and Kyo'nne is forced to defend Ariel with her spellsong, but the Sarghress traitor punches her face, disorienting her. Immediately after Jerk'hol is dispatched, Kiel'ndia Vel'Vloz'ress and Naal'suul Val'Beldrobbaen appear to seek revenge on Ariel and Chiri and rescue Kyo'nne. Another battle ensues and Kyo'nne recovers from her daze, realizing that all of her friends are fighting one another; she screams for everyone to stop several times, and jumped on Chiri's back and coaxes her to sleep with spellsong. Shan'naal is pissed when he sees this and carries Chiri away with only a stinging stare at the Illhar'dro.

After the battle and some banter with Rik about rigged arenas, Kyo'nne approaches Ariel and thanks her for taking her along. When Ariel declines, stating that she just went along with it, Kyo'nne points out that Sene'kha Vel'Vloz'ress had been captured by the Highland Raiders and Ariel could have ordered Kiel and Naal to be jailed with her. She also mentions that Ariel was kind to her human slave, Vaelia. The Illhar'dro teases Ariel for being so small, but Ariel stops it by saying that Kyo'nne shouldn't be so useless and ought to help out, and maybe people would respect her more. For a moment Kyo gets serious and promises to help Ariel find Faen and prove to Shan'naal that she is worthy of his respect.

Journey to the Old World

Main article: Journey to the Old World
Ever the boychaser, Kyo'nne attempts to get Shan'naal to notice her.

The group stops in Machike'Shikumo and Kyo'nne is seen trying to help Liriel with her severe headaches, mentioning there being hallucinogenic herbs that she could smoke to make her troubles go away. She then sees Kiel and Naal'suul off as they head back to Chel. The group heads up the mountains on a path through the Nidavellir, where Kyo'nne speaks to Ariel about her shapeshifting ability from earlier in Doebrimm'linthel, asking if the Sarghress can take any kind of shape she wants and even jokingly asking if Ariel could take Shan's shape. The Illhar'dro then asks what Ariel plans to do to find Faen because the device the girl had wouldn't be enough, and Ariel mentions that Faen was in the direction of Haltonreibe. Vaelia states that she had never been there before, and Kyo'nne responds saying that she didn't expect an Emberi to have been in Halme lands. Chiri and Ariel get into an argument about Chiri's duty to protect her, and Kyo'nne intervenes by asking if it was truly her duty to protect all drow regardless of skin color, because they would be liars and hypocrites if they continued to judge everybody around them.

The group makes their way through the Overworld, moving through the Dokkalfar Pass and resting at a tree to eat--naturally, Kyo'nne is disappointed with the disgusting food the Sarghress calls rations. She then takes the opportunity to trick Vaelia into thinking she's eating Halme flesh and causes the Emberi to choke. Kyo'nne then turns to Shan in another attempt to get his attention, and starts describing the kinds of foods Illhar'dro eat, like honey cakes, chicken and fruits. Later that night, a conflict occurs between Chiri and Rik and causes Ariel to expell the drowussu from the group. Kyo'nne has no choice but to try and convince the two to come back.

The Order of Serenity

Chiri becomes unstable on the road due to her visions, but the three continue on towards the northern end of the Dokkalfar Pass, where an Illhar'dro/Nal'sarkoth post sits. There, Kyo'nne gets caught up with news of her clan, including worry that the Halme tribes are warring with one another and pushing into colony territory. The trio then arrives at a Kyorl'solenurn outpost for Chiri's pilgrimage to seek guidance, but Kyo'nne is weirded out by the atmosphere and the fact that some of the Kyorls hide their faces and skin. As the only lath in a place where drowussu congregate, she feels like an outsider. When Chiri and Shan return from visiting the Judicator, Kyo'nne learns that they are to spend the night. Kyo witnesses Chiri going into a trance with her prescience, but the only concern on the Illhar'dro's mind is to please Shan'naal.

With resolve, Chiri, Shan and Kyo'nne finally head back on the road to search for Ariel, but they are met by Halme knights on horseback trying to catch them. Kyo'nne panics and tries to use her spellsong but it has no effect on the halmes. Just then, Ariel charges into the halmes with wind sorcery and mana bolts and with Chiri's fire sorcery they scatter their enemies. Kyo comments that Ariel and Vaelia have such perfect timing, and is glad to see Chiri and Ariel make up after learning of Rik's betrayal.

The Attack on Nagyescsed

Kyo'nne worrying about being useless to Ariel and friends.

The reunited group draw ever near to Faen's location, arriving on the outskirts of a foreboding Halme city. Kyo'nne is distracted from Ariel's tracking when she notices Melodia sniffing a dark red spot on Vaelia--Kyo'nne gets a rise out of scaring Ariel by saying it's moon blood and that it makes female goblins go berserk. Shan cuts through the ruse and reminds the group to stay focused on Faen, and Kyo'nne gets and idea, running off...

..returning with Halme clothing, suggesting that Vaelia and a transformed Ariel try to sneak into the town pretending to be Halmes. Even teaching the two some random Halme words, but the results did not go as planned because the two return pissed and the Illhar'dro is forced to reveal that she had played a joke on them by giving them phrases that insult themselves. She pleads that she only wanted to be useful when the group advances on her, but suddenly they notice that the city is on fire. With Ariel running off, the group uses the diversion to sneak in the castle. Chiri and Shan go their own way, and soon Liriel wanders off as well to leave Kyo'nne alone with Melodia. It is then that Kyo'nne reveals that she feels extremely useless to everyone who have been fighting for their lives since the journey began. Meanwhile, a Halme is sneaking up on the two...

When Kyo'nne reunited with everyone, she is excited to tell how she defeated a halme with a pan, but learns that everyone plans to split up again now that they've found Faen and some captive drowussu and light elves. Kyo'nne desperately tries to convince Shan to stay and come with her to see the Moon's End Festival, but is heartbroken when Shan insists on following Chiri to return the light elves from where they came. She starts to cry when Shan and Chiri leave for the northern lands and vows to find someone like Shan'naal who can be so devoted to her as he is to Chirinide.

Return to Chel

With the Highland Raiders escorting the group back to Chel, Kyo'nne takes the time to tell Ariel to remember what she saw when they encountered the halmes when she becomes Illhar'ess, for it is the fate of elves if those halmes take over the surface world. When Diva speaks of Vaelia returning with children, the Illhar'dro jumps in and speaks of Vaelia's children growing faster than Ariel. As they draw closer to Chel's outskirts, Kyo is becoming more and more excited for the Moon's End Festival. When they come across a Siyah'khorshed symbol on an old Beldrobbaen mine, Kyo'nne immediately recognizes it as the hated Black Suns, commenting that their attacks are becoming almost seasonal now. Some time later, the group finally reaches Sarghress lands and Kyo'nne leaves the group, complaining that she still has another six cycles to walk back home.

The Moon's End Festival has finally begun, and Kyo'nne is back at the Illhar'dro citadel dressed for the occasion. She releases a pet bird to fly around the premises as she begins singing absolutely terrible lyrics about Shan'naal. Frisk appears from behind and smacks the girl with her staff for singing such eardrum-splitting lyrics. Kyo'nne is about to retort when she notices Craft Lumesowa Dusk and runs off to meet him. Frisk only looks on in disgust at the girl's short attention span.

Kyo'nne reunites with Chry'stel, Kiel'ndia and Shinae at an upscale cafe to discuss her travelling with Chris and Ariel to the surface. Her friends are surprised that Kyo'nne had the resolve to continue following greyskins and Chrys mistakes her for being in love with Chirinide--Kiel tries to imagine such a thing and bursts out laughing at how ridiculous it is. Kyo'nne tries to explain that it was Shan'naal she spoke about and jams her spook into Kiel's ear. She then turns to Shinae demanding an apology for throwing her under the bus in order to save her own skin--Shinae's idiotic reply earns her a slap on the head from Kiel and gets slammed into her cup. With that, Kyo'nne bids her friends goodbye.

Biography - Arc II

Dreaming of Equality & Ys

Kyo'nne singing for peace.

15 years later in the year 1114, Kyo'nne has established herself as an accomplished singer, and along with Khal'harror Val'Beldrobbaen and Frisk Illhar'dro the three of them form a band and hold concerts in the Rebuilt District of Chel'el'Sussoloth. The theme of her concert is to promote peace and unity in the midst of the needless wars happening across the Underworld, with a message to her fans that all elven kind should get along if they want to have a better future for the next generation.

When meeting with fans after the concert, one fan asks if there is truly hope up in the colonies, to which Kyo'nne replies that there is hope for some more than others, but she fully believes it is there. The fan launches into a frantic panic and starts talking about a friend of his that disappeared to a colony while the rest of her family became enslaved. Kyo'nne answers that not all colonies are free--some exist for great clans to send slaves and indentured servants away. But she knows of one colony that is completely free of control from the clans: Ys, a beacon of hope to escape the strife. She encourages the fan to keep hope alive and retires, letting her bodyguard Tu'suust disperse the crowd.

Kyo'nne with a pet bird with four legs.

Meeting Ariel... Again

Backstage, she reveals to her biogolem servant that she had been using spellsong to try and convince the crowd. She is informed that Sar'nel Tions Sarghress, Ariel, Faen, Kau Val'Sharen and Shala Val'Sharen are all waiting for her in the green room. There, she is asked by Ariel for any information Kyo'nne may have learned from commoners. The Illhar'dro jokes that she had become a commoner spy, but Faen points out that she is Val-born and even has a biogolem made by the Val'Jaal'darya, but still yet Kyo'nne doesn't feel like a Val anymore due to her clan losing respect from the people when they fled to Nuqrah'shareh seven years ago. She then mentions that her contacts make the concerts possible and is pressed to reveal who they are. Hesitant, Kyo'nne announces that Snadhya'runes Vel'Sharen had been sponsoring her concerts, just as Khal'harror walks in and jokes that she's revealing secret information to Sarghs. Kyo'nne only shrugs, stating that they would have found out that Ys is sponsored by the First Daughter sooner or later.

The Sarghress immediately react negatively to the reveal: Sar'nel claims that Kyo'nne is taking money from the biggest motherkiller of the whole Vel'Sharen clan, and the twins add that Sil'lice Val'Sharen had been framed by Snadhya and her sisters, and that Kyo'nne shouldn't be taking money from the Vel'Sharen. Kyo'nne shoots back at the group by asking them if Sil'lice had ever been deserving of pity from the people, when she, Quain'tana and Sarv'wati equally push each other to create the bloody war between the two clans in the first place. Kyo'nne mentions that Nishi'kanta Vel'Sharen had disappeared and Zala'ess Vel'Sharen had ran off to Nuqrah'shareh for who knows what. The only daughter left that was ever advocating peace and unity was Snadhya, the legitimate heir of the empire.

But Kyo'nne is not done; she launches into an accusatory stance against the Sarghress for abandoning their surface raids that kept the halmes in check, and now the Hermionne tribes are threatening the colonies on the surface world and have been conquering Halme cities one by one. Shala promises that when the Sarghs win the war, THEN they will return to raiding, else the colonies would be stuck with Vels that don't care. Kyo'nne turns to Ariel and asks her to remember what the Halmes did to Faen, because the Hermionne are ten times worse. The Sarghress had to be notified of this very real threat against the colonies, and Ariel promises to let Quill'yate know. But Shala isn't convinced--she blurts out that the Sarghress should be attacking Ys because Snadhya is one of its sponsors, not protecting it.

Kyo'nne calmly reminds them that the Sarghress used to protect, not fight for control; Khal intervenes with another incendiary comment and Kyo'nne tries to stop him, but Shala had had enough. She yells that she is a Val of Sharen and while the Sarghress bleeds to banish the Vels from their homes, there will be no compromises with the enemy nor the colony she holds. Sar'nel dismisses the squad before things get worse, and Kyo'nne's next words are directed at him: "Do not let the clan wars corrupt your path." To Ariel, she only asks that the Sarghress does not forget the people in the process of these wars--the real threat to the people is outside of Chel lying with the Black Suns and the Hermionne hordes. She insists that Ariel does not forget that the clans need the people, and the people need the clans. Without this system, the whole of the Underworld would fall, because all cities, all people are connected. Kyo'nne only asks that Ariel do not forget these things, and to keep hope alive.

Felde Peace Conference

As she is sponsored by Snadhya'rune, Kyo'nne, Frisk and Khal'harror were invited to sing for the party being held in the Emerald City. She entertained guests until approached by a disguised An'jin Jie'yen who whispered the key words that allowed her to speak freely. In truth, Kyo'nne was there to spy and report Snadhya'rune's activities to Nega'fanea's agents; these activities were talk of a big event upstairs, with distribution of "gifts" to all the guests[1]. However, she is interrupted by a jealous Fame'nidea who challenges her to a musical duel-Kyo'nne is highly confused, as Fame'nidea has no instruments, no band, and no notoriety. Instead, she offers the Vloz'ress to come to her room later to speak privately, and sort out this "rival" business.

Kyo'nne later discovers that Ariel and her squad arrived too late for the Feldian party, but hints subtly that they should not act out of line, clearly disturbed after Snadhya'rune's brazen display of power on the Sarghress assassin squad. The Illhar'dro leads them through Snadhya's fortress, speaking cryptically of events and showing them the stolen Illhar'dro ship. Even despite what she has seen thus far, Kyo'nne showed Ariel and company that she trusted in Snadhya'rune's ability to create a better future[2].

They are then lead to their guest rooms, and soon Kyo'nne returns to lead Ariel and Faen to a dinner party hosted by Snadhya'rune. It is revealed that Kyo'nne was under pressure by Snadhya'rune to lead Ariel to the scene, when the Illhar'dro singer asks for a cure. However, she is shooed away to guest tables in another section by Khaless in Lulianne's skin. [3]

Biography - Arc III

An Invitation to the Gathering

Three years after the conclusion of The District War, Kyo'nne once again served as an emissary of sorts by arriving in Machike on the stolen Illhar'dro's ship[4]. Her purpose was to meet with the Val leaders of the city, and discuss politics. It is in a private setting that she declares that Ariel has missed a Gathering of the Clans that occurred during the three years of her absence from Chel--instead of Koil'dorath Nori'fu Val'Sarghress, someone else was sent to represent the clan. Kyo'nne also spells out a decree issued from Chel that in order for Ariel to be recognized as the leader of the Sarghress, she must attend another Gathering in Felde. Throughout this, Ariel and her companions are extremely hesitant about the whole chain of events.

Kyo'nne continued to urge Ariel into coming with her to Felde, all the while seeming nervous and off-center about her relationship with Snadhya'rune and the events at the Felde gathering. Ariel pressured her old friend into revealing details of troops on board the airship, which made the situation more tense--Sar'nel, who had been acting aggressively towards the spellsinger for her callousness towards Shala Val'Sharen's death, pulled a weapon on Kyo'nne in a threatening manner[5].

With the meeting quickly going south, Kyo'nne tried one last time to appeal to Ariel and the citizens--Sar'nel only continued to force her up the gangplank while Ariel officially declared refusal. Dread, then regret filled the young woman's heart; she could only condemn the foolish behavior as the colony's tower is destroyed by airship cannon fire.

Facing the Truth

The Airship continues its pursuit to the center of the Nidavellir, landing in Sha'shi and deploying troops to the ground, while a skeelton crew maintains the ship. During this time, Ariel, Kel'noz and the remaining colonists board and launch a surprise attack on the ship's occupants; as Ariel battles both Jiaan and Sasi'rael, Kyo'nne appears to block attacks against the ship's captain. Once again, Kyo'nne tries to push Ariel off the ship before the Nidraa'chal can kill her friend[6], using a similar sound blast attack to Shodun's--Ariel goes overboard but manages to hang on for dear life as the ship whirls around erratically.

Kel'noz and some of the colonists succeed in breaking into the engine room, only to be told that the ship is going to crash. On impact, Kyo'nne is flung over the rails, with Ariel using wind sorcery to break some of the landing. Both girls end up with broken bones--Ariel somewhat managing to recover and carry the Illhar'dro back towards the battle, which had then spilled out to the ground. Sal'bara had finally emerged with a deadly wargolem of her own craft, beating back the fighters at every turn. Sal'bara even takes down Ariel via her power core's explosion, all the while demanding that Kyo'nne and the other Nidraa'chal come back to clean up the assault.

Seeing her reasons for seeking peace with the Feldians fall apart, Kyo'nne turns on Sal'bara with a bellowing blast of spellsong. [7]

Notable Quotes

"One day, I will deserve such devotion. Farewell, Shan'naal! I hope Chirinide will one day realize what luck she has to have you by her side." - after parting with Chiri and Shan on the surface.

"Keep hope alive, Ariel, Faen. We are the new generation. We can CHANGE things." -To Ariel and Faen while discussing the district war in Chel.

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