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Kyu'dosha Illhar'dro

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Kyu'dosha is an Illhar'dro courier working for Zala'ess' alliance.

Appearance and Personality

Kyu'dosha is a female drowolath with an average build and pale blue eyes. She has pale blue hair styled into a braided ponytail. She dresses in an ornate outfit styled in the colours of the Illhar'dro clan, with a blue cloak and a prominent conical hat. Her favoured weapon should the need arise is a pair scythes attached by a length of chain.

She is an easygoing and cheerful individual, though somewhat excitable and prone to theatrics. This tendency extends to her chosen hobbies; she is a connoisseur of theatre and an avid reader of the highly-dramatized sagas of Quain'tana. She also has an interest in romantic couplings, eagerly shipping potential couples who strike her fancy. However, in her capacity as a courier she is staunchly professional and prides herself on her ability to see messages delivered promptly despite hazards along her path.

Biography - Arc II

Chrys'tel accompanies Kyu'dosha to her destination.[1]

Messages from Nuqrah'shareh

Kyu'dosha first appeared arriving at the Vloz'ress gate alongside Kys'sea and Tamiir, bearing messages from Nuqrah'shareh on behalf of Zala'ess. She was greeted by Chrys'tel, who was in the area in the course of her dealings with Nyo'ka. As her traveling companions greeted their mother, Kyu'dosha turned her attention to Chrys'tel, who complimented her on her timely arrival. Though appreciative, Kyu'dosha proudly affirmed that Illhar'dro couriers are always on time.

As Chrys'tel had concluded her business among the Vloz'ress, she proceeded to escort Kyu'dosha through the Vloz'ress District and intervening territories to the Sharen home district. Though Chrys'tel's dragon mount curiously nipped at Kyu'dosha's bird along the way, Kyo'dosha was unperturbed and kindly dismissed Chrys'tel's apologies as unnecessary. Shortly thereafter, they arrived at the designated meeting point with Shinae and Saph'ala. As tensions arose between the young overseer and her protector twin, Saph'ala elected to take Kyu'dosha aside for their exchange so that the bickering siblings might have privacy.

After exchanging necessary information and returning, Saph'ala was eager to see Kyu'dosha depart swiftly with her new messagers, wary of interference by one of Sarv'swati's agents. Though Kyu'dosha asked if Chrys'tel would be accompanying her back to Nuqrah'shareh, the young overseer declined as she had more pressing matters. However, she did insist that Kyu'dosha deliver a warning that she had discovered a concerning matter that threatened the alliance and required investigation, promising to return by the end of the moon.[2]

Kyu'dosha is overjoyed at the sight of Zala'ess and Quain'tana making peace.[3]

District War Negotiations

Kyu'dosha's travels would eventually see her return to the Vloz'ress District once more, as the territory was used as neutral ground for a parlay between the Sarghress forces and the Sharen Alliance. While preparing for another departure, she was briefly confused by a passing Vloz'ress' strange comments regarding their respective mounts.[4]

Ignoring this interruption, she returned to her duties. Seeking to confirm a report, she asked a fellow Illhar'dro acting as a scout if he could spot any activity along the Sarghress wall through his longview. He responded that there was no new activity, and the Sarghress in the area appeared to have vanished. Disheartened, Kyu'dosha remarked on the widespread lack of information among their forces.[5]

Puppeteer Incident

As with most of the drow in the area, Kyu'dosha was soon caught up in what would later known as the Puppeteer Incident, orchestrated by the rogue summoner Ni'bai. As Kharla'ggen's death released those she had controlled, Kyu'dosha regained awareness in time to see the joint flare fired by Quain'tana and Zala'ess, quickly calling her fellow Illhar'dro to arms to destroy the Vloz'ress.[6] After the Demon God summed forth by Ni'bai was driven off by the combined might of the Sarghress and Sharen forces, she witnessed the birth of the new alliance as Zala'ess and Quain'tana solidified a tentative truce. Overjoyed and brought to tears by the sight, Kyu'dosha expressed gratitude at having had the opportunity to witness the historic event. [7]

Kyu'dosha praises Sonor'enai for noticing and eliminating a wandering demon.

Forging an Alliance

Six days later, Kyu'dosha remained furiously active as a gathering of the clans was called to negotiate a new government to conclude the District War and formalize the new alliance. As Waes'soloth's carriage passed the Illhar'dro delegation, the reserved Ill'haress speculated to her attendant that the Illhar'dro, seeking to restore their power in the region but with less to lose than the Sharen, would eventually accept a compromise.[8]

Unfortunately, Zala'ess' progressing illness following her infection with the flower plague threw negotiations into chaos as she fell to paranoia and hallucinations. Kyu'dosha was soon sent back to work as the sudden loss of leadership among the Sharen sparked a renewed flurry of messages between the clans.[9] Adding to the chaos was the remnants of the demonic outbreak. By stroke of fate, the demon formed from Naal'suul passed through the Illhar'dro camp, though she was noticed and cut down by the Illhar'dro commander, a feat Kyu'dosha was quick to praise. Ultimately, however, the the demon was able to escape being sealed with the aid of wandering summons from a nearby Kiel'ndia.[10]

Biography - Arc III

After the destruction brought on by Sarghress rebels that rocked Felde, Snadhya'rune mistress asked each of her minions of the details regarding he raid. While they give her half-truths, the Nidra'chaal leader was not fooled and turned to the young Illhar'dro to verify their story. Kyu'dosha paints a different story of events that earns a glare from the Nidraa'chal captain, Adira[11]: Snadhya'rune's prized ship, stolen by Ariel's renegades, had detonated on her tower leaving it in ruins, and a host of demons now inhabited the streets and waterways and throughout Felde.

Notable Quotes

"Illhar'dro couriers are always on time."[12] - Proudly asserting the skill of her clan's messengers.

Character Concept