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Laan's sixth born

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An as-yet unnamed Beldrobbaen Val that released flower spores within the clan.

Appearance & Personality

Laan's sixth born is a petite young drowolath with grey hair and pale purple eyes. She dresses in the same muted color scheme as her clan, though she wears brighter colors underneath her robes. Despite being a Val of the Beldrobbaen clan, she is possessed of a bitter resentment of the clan's inaction and its restrictive traditions. In particular, she objects to the clan's muted appearance and demeanor, bitterly wishing she were born Sharen like her father. This attitude appears to have festered for some time, leaving her emotionally unstable and fragile. Despite all this, she does appear to have some conflicting loyalty regarding the clan, as the guilt of her actions ultimately drives her to a psychotic break.

Biography - Arc I

She makes her a brief appearance as one of the students in the crowd[1] as Ariel returns to Orthorbbae after finally being recognized as Quain'tana's heir. With rumours flying as to the cause for the evacuation of the school, she speculates that a demon has been set loose within the school and will be slain shortly. She is nearly knocked over by Chrys'tel as the young Sharen hurries to confront Ariel.

Biography - Arc II

The Flower Plague

She first appears in the immediate aftermath of the Puppeteer Incident. As the Beldrobbaen attempt to recover from the event, she takes advantage of the chaos to spread spores within the clan's food stores. However, she is unintentionally disturbed bycook of the Beldrobbaen servant caste and responds by throwing a pot at his head.

This act would later come to haunt her. As she witnessed the humiliation of Verthandi, the elder Val called out to those present that she too was present at the Felde Gathering. Though quick to dismiss the claims, it draws suspicion and attention to her. This is further reinforced when the very cook she attacked earlier arrives at the disturbance with Waes'soloth. Spotting the young Val, he identifies her to his Ill'haress. Her attempts to proclaim innocence are quickly undermined by the servant's testimony, and further dismantled as Waes'soloth openly notes discrepancies her her story.

Realizing herself caught in her own lies, she abruptly snaps and gleefully lashes out verbally at the ancient Beldrobbaen matriarch. As Waes attempts to calm the hysterical Val, she throws a vial of the flower toxin at the Ill'haress, reveling in her fate. As others move to attack her, she opens her robes, revealing dozens of vials of the toxin. Realizing the danger, and having already been struck by one such vial, Waes'soloth orders the others to evacuate the room, sealing herself in the room with the deranged poisoner. In the shadows, she attempts to throw more of the vials as Waes'soloth, only to inadvertently spill the contents of the final vial upon herself. As Waes'soloth moves in, the young Val breaks down into tears, fully expecting to be slain. Instead, Waes'soloth shows mercy and merely restrains her until help can arrive.

This help ultimately takes the form of the Val'Jaal'darya. Having been convinced of the need for outside aid, Waes'soloth allowed the servant caste to request outside assistance and the Jaal'darya answered the call. As they arrive, Naubol'oth breaks the sealed entrance and allows both Waes'soloth and Laan's sixth born to exit together. The deranged Val's mind having broken under the strain of her actions, Waes'soloth commands that she be taken to a calm place to rest.

Notable Quotes

"You're really the worst clan leader ever." - To Waes'soloth, finally abandoning all pretense of innocence.