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Leona Kyorl'chath Suru Tei'kaliath

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Leona is a Tei'kaliath serving in the Imperial Guard, officially charged with the protection of Empress Diva'ratrika Val'Sharen.

Appearance & Personality

Leona is a tall female drowolath with an athletic build and grey eyes. She has lavender hair that she styles into a long braided ponytail with a pair of prominent bangs. Though she wears the standard armor of the Imperial Guard with little personal adornment, she does choose to wear a silver headband. Her preferred weapon is a solid metal spear.

She is a proud and dutiful individual, with a stern and professional demeanor. She is not without emotion, however, willing to express frustration with acts that interfere with her duties, even to the extent of rebuking superiors. She is also cold and unforgiving towards those who would endanger those she is pledged to protect, and is merciless in eliminating those who are a proven threat.

Leona reports on her lack of injuries.[1]

Biography - Arc II

First Landing Attack

Leona first appeared alongside several other Imperial Guards during a public parade of Diva'ratrika. Unbeknownst to her, the procession was actually a ruse created by Sarv'swati to propagate the myth that Val'Sharess Diva'ratrika was alive and well. The "Empress" being protected was, in truth, a biogolem intended to approximate the form and aura of the of the deceased Diva'ratrika.

Leona and her fellow guards would soon learn of the ruse as the procession began nearing areas in armed conflict. Leona attempted to call for a retreat to a safe location, but a sudden assault consisting of Sarghress assassins and commoners attacked the parade procession, which Leona bitterly noted to be the third attack in that turn of the moon alone.[2] While the Guard were distracted by the sloppy commoner attacks, Myo'na of the Fallen Legion was able to slip past their defenses and stealthily murder the biogolem, exposing the biogolem as a fake. Leona was one of the many Guard present to react to this revelation with a mix of both doubt and frustration.[3]

Biography - Arc III

Imperial-Sarghress Coalition

Years later, Leona was one of the few surviving active guards appointed prior to the end of the District War. Allying with Chrys'tel as the young Captain moved into open rebellion against Snadhya'rune, she aided in the destruction of an artillery battery that had been raining fire upon their Sarghress allies. Having dispatched or dispersed the soldiers manning the cannons, Chrys'tel issued orders to return to the column. Unfortunately, Nidraa'chal agents staged an assassination attempt in the chaos, using a wire trap to discreetly isolate Chrys'tel from her peers.[4] Leona and Zuhur were the only two Guardsmen who were likewise cut off, and were quickly engaged in close combat.[5]

Badly wounded and desperate, Chrys'tel employed her unique sorcery on both her own blood and that of her mount, issues a massive and indiscriminate caustic blast upon her surroundings. While successful in inflicting heavy casualties among the Nidraa'chal, including her own sister, Leona and Zuhur were caught in the edge of the blast.[6] Though angered by Chrys'tel's recklessness, Leona swiftly turned her attention to Saph'ala, who had survived with grave wounds. Playing on Chrys'tel's doubts and loyalties to her family, Saph'ala attempted to convince her younger sister to gather the Guard and surrender herself, in the process admitting her loyalty to Snadhya'rune.[7]

Having heard enough and harboring no such internal conflicts, Leona executed Saph'ala with her spear, sternly urging Chrys'tel to focus on the present battle. While Zuhur likewise expressed doubts as to their actions, Leona rejected further discussion as a waste of valuable time. Accepting her point, Chrys'tel ordered Zuhur and Leona to return to the main column before collapsing from blood loss.

Notable Quotes

"Overseer, snap out of it. Sharen or no, they are our enemies."[8] - Having just executed Saph'ala, and urging Chrys'tel to ignore her dead sister's final words.

Character Concept

More Information

Though not part of recognized Moonless Age canon, Leona was part of the player-created House Kyorl'chath Suru in Path to Power. More information can be found in the Path to Power wiki.