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Lulianne Dutan'vir

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Lulianne is a guard of Mel'arnach Val'Sarghress. Unbeknownst to anyone else, Lulianne was killed by Khaless when she snooped around Snadhya'rune's secret tower in the Orthorbbae. Khaless has since adopted her form and has been impersonating her ever since.

Note: For appearances of Lulianne after Chapter 25, see Khaless.

Appearance and Personality

Lulianne is a proud and stubborn half-blood. She is empathetic yet crafty, as she can be seen playing multiple sides effortlessly.[1] She is a good listener and one of the few people that Mel'arnach trusts.

Lulianne has pale hair that is usually tied in an elaborate bun. She is most often seen wearing her silver Mae'yukir armor.

Biography - Background

Prior to the events of the main story, Lulianne served as a proud Dutan'vir soldier. During the Nidraa'chal War, as Storr of the Lem'ja house rallied the remaining Dutan'vir in a final desperate assault against the Nidraa'chal, Lulianne remained behind to guard the children of the clan. After two days with none of the soldiers returning, the children persuaded Lulianne to leave and search for the survivors.[2] Venturing forth into the wasteland created by the war, she became lost and bore witness to the massive carnage and destruction left behind. Eventually, she came upon the field of battle that had claimed her people. Amid the carnage, she encountered what remained of the once-proud Storr. His warped body bore the unmistakable signs of one overcome by a demon, his sense of self utterly consumed. Most tragically, Lulianne noted the weapons of their own people piercing his body; yet another testament to the horrors wrought by unrestricted nether summoning.

Fleeing the devastation, she came to find herself at the border of the Sarghress clan's territory, defended by a blockade under the command of Koil'dorath.[3] Aware that she faced certain death otherwise and having previous experience among the Sarghress, she claimed to be a Mae'yukir soldier caught in the thick of the fighting. There she established herself as a member of the Sarghress that could serve as a contact for fellow Dutan'vir refugees, eventually truly committing to her new clan.

Biography - Arc I

File:Lu and Mel.png
Lulianne befriends Mel'arnach in her lair.[4]

Roughly 10 years later, Lulianne has been assigned as one of Mel'arnach's jailors. She is present when the latter escapes her bonds and embraces Ariel, but moves quickly to subdue her charge before the incident can further escalate. Shen then escorts Mel'arnach to a meeting with Quain'tana.

Biography - Deprecated WIP

She was seen restraining Mel and ensuring she dis not leave her quarters. After keeping watch on her for so long, Lulianne eventually wandered into Mel's lair where she spoke earnestly with Mel about the circumstances that lead to her imprisonment. Mel'arnach confided in Lulianne, telling her everything she had been through since Ariel's birth. Lulianne quickly turned around to report this information to Il'haress Quain'tana, but left out critical details regarding Kel'noz's involvement.

File:Lulianne vs Khaless.png
Khaless and Lulianne fight in Snadhya's secret tower.[5]

During this time, she also began returning the advances of Rek'mar, who she promised to meet at the Moons End Festival.

When Mel'arnach sprung free of her lair during Zala'ess' attack on the Val'Sarghress Fortress, Lulianne followed her. The pair headed to one of Snadhya'rune's estates, where they were met by Kalki Nidraa'chal. Kalki took them to the Orthorbbae to meet with Snadhya herself. While Mel'arnach caught up with her lover, Lulianne decided to snoop around the hidden tower.

She soon found a secret elevator that lead to a chamber high above the rest of the Orthorbbae. She found Sha'sana hiding there, who informed Lulianne of Snadhya's full plans. Lulianne demanded help in fighting Snadhya and the Nidraa'chal, but Sha'sana declined, stating that she needed to watch over the body of Sharess in case she returned. She warned Lulianne to be careful, but sent her on her way.

Before Lulianne could leave the secret chamber, she was attacked by Khaless. The two fought brutally, but Khaless' demonic powers eventually trumped Lulianne's brave spirit. Lulianne destroyed the elevator in hopes of killing Khaless along with herself.

Khaless absorbed Lulianne during the resulting crash. She began using Lulianne's form as a means for infiltrating the Val'Sarghress clan and is currently still working as Mel'arnach's bodyguard.

Biography - Arc II

Mel's Bodyguard

By the time fifteen years had passed, Lulianne had been expelled from the clan for unstated reasons. She remained at Mel'arnach's side, however, accompanying her to the Val'Sullisinrune Dome as her friend and bodyguard. When Ariel's squad stopped at Mel's quarters for a visit during their patrol, Lulianne took advantage of the opportunity to give Ariel an invitation to Snadhya'rune's gathering of clans.[6]

Returning To Snadhya'rune

After giving birth to a daughter, Mel'arnach was finally allowed to leave the clan. Lulianne accompanied her, taking a carriage to Felde courtesy of Snadhya'rune. They both marveled at the beauty of Felde, while Lulianne commented that it was the only city free of war in the last century. As they moved into the first floor of the main tower, Mel continued to see old friends from her time at Othorbbae, commenting that it felt like she had gone back in time. Lulianne, however, could not feel the same as there were so few of her clansmen left.

To their surprise, Lulianne appeared to have a sort of innate sense for the tower's layout, which she shrugged off as common sense based on the building's layout. When they arrived at the elevator that their escort had directed them to, they were met by Erusakel, who immediately asked for their invitations.

Upon entering Snadhya'rune's office, her charge ran straight into Snadhya's waiting arms. Snadhya'rune advised Lulianne to drop the pretense of guardian, to which Lulianne refused, instead insisting that the only pretense dropped should be the "game" that Snadhya'rune was playing with the Sarghress clan. The former Dutan'vir demanded both do their duty as heirs to take control of their clans now that the Empress was officially dead, even offering to help her kill Quain'tana if it meant that Mel would take control of the Sarghress. In addition, Lulianne offered to support Snadhya if she would help resurrect the Dutan'vir, who would then support her claim as Empress. Snadhya and Mel both scoffed, as Mel had no interest in the clans anymore, despite Lulianne's insistence that it was her duty.[7]

Khaless is finally revealed, having possessed Lulianne since their fight.

After the reunion, Snadhya'rune took Mel'arnach and Lulianne downstairs, where they were introduced to a newly restored Zhor. As Mel took some time to get reacquainted with him, Snadhya'rune asked for Lulianne to walk with her. As Lulianne continued to challenge Snadhya, insisting that the First Daughter was up to no good, Snadhya used a suit of armor mounted on the wall to restrain Lulianne. She then called forth Khaless, demanding that her sister take control and stop pretending to be Lulianne.

Lulianne soon gave way to Khaless, and it was revealed that Khaless had been possessing the former Dutan'vir since their fight in the Ninth Tower. Due to Lulianne's particularly strong will and sense of clan pride, Khaless had had a difficult time coming back to the foreground. Snadhya'rune insisted that she get control of her selves, as she would have need of her the next day.[8]

The Last Dutan'vir

The next day, following the speech given to Snadhya's gathered guests and the execution of most of the Sarghress infiltration team captured earlier, Mel'arnach asked after Lulianne's whereabouts. With Lulianne having been her only friend for so long, Mel'arnach had grown concerned about her absence. Snadhya'rune promised to send for her, still refraining from telling the truth about Lulianne's fate.[9]

During the disastrous "family dinner," "Lulianne" returned to Mel'arnach's side upon hearing a struggle from the dining room. To her surprise, Ariel Val'Sarghress was present, although her hand had been pinned to the table by Kalki's dinner knife. As she tried to assess the situation, Kalki took advantage of her hesitation to take Lulianne's sword, using it to sever Ariel's left arm. Lulianne then moved to restrain Kalki, but was blasted away with a powerful gust of wind by the crazed Nidra'chaal.[10]

Lulianne quickly recovered, commenting that Kalki should be put down like a dog. She then apologized to Mel'arnach, as it was her blade that was used to attack Ariel. After watching Ariel refuse to steal an arm from another Sarghress who had been captured in the library, Lulianne escorted Mel'arnach, Zhor, Faen and Ariel back to the Sarghress guest quarters, having received a promise from Snadhya to have Ariel measured in the morning for a Jaal'daryan prosthetic.

When they reached the guest quarters, however, they found the rooms had been set on fire - presumably by Kalki. Lulianne watched the younger drow attempt to reattach her arm, but by that time, the arm had been too badly damaged. Leaning down, Khaless came forth temporarily, advising Ariel that she should learn to not fear taking on new faces, even if it meant taking one of her own kin's in order to survive. When Ariel looked up in confusion, Lulianne commented that she had told her to watch herself, and to keep out of trouble if she wished for their host to be generous about the replacement of her arm.[11]

Before she could say anything further, a member of the Kavahini Clan burst through a nearby window, entering the hallway. Lulianne gave chase, telling Mel to take Ariel and Faen to her room as she followed the Kavahini warrior.

She soon followed the trail of the invader to Snadhya's throne room, and worked together with Snadhya's defenders to try to find more who had hidden themselves in the chamber. To her shock, one of the invaders was Mikilu Val'Dutan'vir, who she had thought was dead. The former Dutan'vir leader quickly subdued Lulianne, telling her that the Dutan'vir lands had been returned to them and to go home.

Lulianne makes a desperate attempt to keep Khaless from forcing her to kill Mikilu.

Lulianne was then released from the stone that Mikilu had used to encase her, and angrily accused Mikilu of abandoning the clan. Mikilu appeared unrepentant, claiming that it was better to let everyone think that she was dead so that they would have a chance to strike at their true enemy, Snadhya'rune.[12] Lulianne then found herself in a sudden struggle for dominance over her own body as Khaless again attempted to take control.

Lulianne could only watch from within as Khaless took control, attacking Mikilu from behind as she confronted the First Daughter. When Mikilu refused to surrender, Snadhya ordered Lulianne to finish the Dutan'vir leader off. When Khaless attempted to do so, she found herself unable to finish the blade stroke, as Lulianned attempted to regain control. Mikilu attempted to encourage her to remember the ties that bound the Dutan'vir clan, hoping to give Lulianne the strength to resist. After one final struggle with Khaless for dominance, Lulianne cried out that she was Dutan'vir, and to everyone's shock, stabbed herself with her own blade.[13] With Lulianne dying or incapacitated, Khaless was finally expelled from her body.

Notable Quotes

"I am Lulianne Val'Dutan'vir... I have survived everything! I will not die here, not this way!" - During her fight with Khaless.[14]

"To rule you will need support. You want the Dutan'vir? Bring them forth from the ashes by using my claim. You want the Sarghress? Make her the Ill'haress of the Sarghress." - To Snadhya'rune, attempting to convince her and Mel'arnach to take control of their clans.

"I am...Dutan'vir!" - To everyone, while stabbing herself to avoid Khaless' attempt to regain control of her body.

Character Concept