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Macmu'fin Beldrobbaen

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Appeared in chapters                                                 48           

Macmu'fin is member of the Beldrobbaen servant-caste serving as a cook.

Appearance & Personality

Macmu'fin[1] is a small and frail drowolath with short white hair and amber eyes. He is, as with most of the servant class, submissive and unassuming. However, he holds a significant amount of pride in the Beldrobbaen clan and the servant caste, willing to stand up to even his Ill'haress in defense of his views.


The Flower Plague

Macmu'fin first appeared shortly after the Puppeteer Incident, scratching at a wound on the left side of his face.[2] As Hile'wen briefed Waes'soloth on current events, they encountered the unkempt servant. Her patience taxed to its limit and wary of another attack while the Beldrobbaen recover, Waes ordered all not of Val blood evicted from the tower, personally throwing Macmu'fin to the elevator platform.

A short time later, he approached Waes'soloth as she sought to be alone following the revelations of the Flower Plague. He petitioned her to allow the servant caste entry to serve once more, which Waes'soloth initially rejected. As Waes explaind her rationale of protecting the Beldrobbaen clan, Macmu'fin surprised her by interjecting that the servant caste is as much part of the Beldrobbaen clan as those that are Val. Though taken aback by this notion, Waes'soloth took note of his sores and refused to allow those infected by the plague to reenter. Confused, he explained that it was not an infection, but an injury received when he angered a young Val in the servant's kitchen.[3] Though wary, Waes'soloth accepted this explanation, beginning to suspect a connection.

They pair reentered the Beldrobbaen tower together and came upon Verthandi as she was in the process of being lynched by an angry mob. Spotting the young Val who attacked him in the kitchen, Macmu'fin identified her to his Ill'haress.[4] Her attempts to proclaim her innocence were quickly undermined by Macmu'fin's testimony. Frustrated, she moved to strike Macmu'fin before being restrained by Waes'soloth, who openly noted discrepancies her her story.[5] Realizing herself caught in her own lies, the the young Val abruptly snapped and gleefully lashed out verbally at the ancient Beldrobbaen matriarch. As Waes'soloth attempted to calm the hysterical Val, she threw a vial of flower toxin at the Ill'haress, reveling in her fate. As others moved to attack her, the young woman opened her robes, revealing dozens of vials of the toxin strapped to her chest. Realizing the danger to those present, and having already been struck by one such vial, Waes'soloth ordered the others to evacuate the room, sealing herself in the room with the deranged poisoner until help could arrive.

This help ultimately took the form of the Val'Jaal'darya. Having been convinced by Macmu'fin of the need for outside aid, Waes'soloth allowed the servant caste to request outside assistance and the Jaal'darya answered the call.[6] As they arrived, Naubol'oth broke the sealed entrance and allowed both Waes'soloth and the poisoner to exit together. The deranged Val's mind having broken under the strain of her actions, Waes'soloth commanded that she be taken to a calm place to rest. Macmu'fin was then tended to by the Jaal'darya along with the rest of the clan.

Notable Quotes

"The servant caste toils to keep the clan working. We clean, we cook, we repair, we serve in every way. My children are born up here and will one day serve just as I do. We are Beldrobbaen!"[7] - Proudly defending his caste's loyalty and worth.