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Mahalek was a Sharen war-dragon serving during the Nidraa'chal War, responsible for the death of Kau'shala after being possessed by demons.

Appearance & Personality

Mahalek was a strong and powerfully built war-dragon, rode into battle adorned with heavy plate armor. She had the typical green skin colour of war-bred mounts and had a long tuft of white hair on her lower jaw.


Mahalek appeared during the events of the Nidraa'chal War, roughly 15 years prior to the main story. She was the sole remaining war-dragon in Sil'lice's band of soldiers when they were abruptly confronted by a force of Nidraa'chal under the command of Kalki.[1]

As Kau'shala began to rally their forces against the surrounding enemy forces, Kalki channeled nether into Mahalek, resulting her her possession by a demon. With the Sharen forces unaware of the impending danger until it was far too late, Mahalek violently bit into Kau'shala without warning, nearly bisecting him at the waist. The surrounding Sharen soldiers worked quickly to put the corrupted beast down, though far too late to save the life of her victim.

Notable Quotes

"Farewell Mahalek... you were a strong companion."[2] -Mahlek's rider, driving the finishing blow into the neck of the poor creature.