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Malag'nafein is a former Val'Beldrobbaen, now a mercenary-for-hire. He is Macha's mate.

Appearance and Personality

Malag'nafein is a tall male drowolath with a wiry build and pale blue eyes. He has black hair that has formed into thick dreadlocks, drawn back into a rough ponytail if it has grown long. He typically wears plain clothing with a simple cloak or coat, with a preference for earthen colours. After spending time on the surface, he has taken to wearing a wide conical hat. When outfitted for combat, he opts to wear a breastplate and otherwise eschews armor for the sake of stealth and mobility. His favoured weapon is a broad cutlass.

He is a relaxed and generally affable individual, though this easygoing demeanor belies a hardened disregard for life and a pronounced vindictive streak. He has a thoroughly mercenary outlook, holding no allegiance to any specific group or faction and taking great personal satisfaction from his work. He is generally quite reserved and stoic, and has a breadth of experience that makes him difficult to truly surprise. He is extremely affectionate towards his mate, Macha, happily yielding to the commands of the proud and domineering woman. Additionally, he is very fond of tik'tikki, raising several and having an especially close bond with one bearing an eyepatch.

Biography - Arc II

Battle of Darya Lake

Malag'nafein first appears as a mercenary working with the Black Suns during the height of the District War. Tasked with holding a fortified slaver's manor within the Darya Lake district, he used a commoner slave as bait for a trap, spreading a fine layer of explosive Dvergar powder around the room. As Brawlers squad led by Jak'iaah began to enter the doorway, he readied a fire foci to ignite the room. However, Jak'iaah's veteran instincts led her to suspect a trap, which she confirmed by identifying the nature of the powder coating the floor.[1] When the Sarghress soldiers used earth sorcery to breach an adjacent room, Malaf'nafein elected to remain hidden rather than join K'sava in a heavily outnumbered fight.[2]

His pragmatic decision to leave his fellow mercenary to her fate soon proved to be an effective one. As the Sarghress concerned themselves with occupying the building and looting the spoils of war, Malag'nafein was able to discreetly set a number of explosive charges around the building's tower, aided by a pair of Sharen summons.[3] The resultant explosion was devastating, collapsing the tower upon the building and the Sarghress troops inside.[4] Malag'nafein was caught in the blast's area, though he escaped serious injury, later joining with the retreating Black Suns to boast about his exploits.[5]

Biography - Arc III

Malag'nafein, K'sava, and Farahang use explosives to combat the Sarghress marching on the dome.[6]

Fall of Machike

Some years later, Malag'nafein had become the mate of Macha, joining her in living among the surface colonies in the vicinity of Machike. With the invasion of a Hermionne army, Malag'nafein and his mate set aside any previous disagreements with the Sarghress of the colony to join in the defense against the shared threat. As Macha cut down the Hermionne manning the trebuchet, Malag'nafein expertly severed the lever arm from the windlass.[7] Though successful in repelling the Hermionne, the colony soon came under attack by Feldian agents using the stolen Illhar'dro airship.

When the call to evacuate the colony was issued, Macha and Malag'nafein chose to remain behind, having no personal stake in the conflict between the Sarhgress and Felde. Despite this, they did begrudgingly stand watch from a vantage point near the colony's windmill-operated elevator as the others fled to the subsurface fortifications. As the airship dove into the mist to to pursue the fleeing refugees, they signaled an alarm with with a brass whistle.[8] While their former neighbors were able to repel the first attack, the crew of the airship learned from the encounter. After repairing the vessel, the crew of the airship began with a massive earth sorcery attack on the elevator windmill, with Malag'nafein and Macha narrowly avoided being crushed by debris as the structure collapsed.[9]

Coalition War

After the attack, with the colony in ruins, Malag'nafein returned to mercenary work for the Sharen. Rejoining his former associates amongst the Earth Tribe, he was present in Chel as the Ariel and Chrys'tel led a coalition force in an all-out assault against Snadhya'rune. Taking part in the defense of the council dome alongside K'sava and Farahang, the trio engaged the Sarghress in close-quarters urban combat, using small explosives to clear buildings occupied by the attackers.[10]

Notable Quotes

"A floating island? Haven't seen one of those in a while."[11] - His typically deadpan response to the returning Nidraa'chal.

Character Concept