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Mandroga Nori'fu Sarghress

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Mandroga is an old member of the Val'Sarghress clan and a prominent member of House Nori'fu. He is the mate of Suu'be Nori'fu Sarghress and the father of Koil'dorath Nori'fu Val'Sarghress.

Appearance and Personality

Mandroga is a hardened and stubborn soldier. He is stocky and well-built, adorned with numerous tattoos and markings. He wears his hair long, with two prominent braids. He obeys Quain'tana's will, but does not always agree with her decisions. He is protective of what he has earned, and does not like being pushed aside. In the past, he has been shown to prefer little to no armor, and rode a massive six-legged war beast upon which a massive set of war drums were mounted. Later, in Arc III, he is shown wearing a full set of red Sarghress plate mail, preferring a pair of war rods as his chosen weapons.

Mandroga and his war drums, in the pre-Sarghress times.

Biography - Background

A New Heir Is Found

Mandroga and his partner Suu'be have been a part of the Sarghress clan since its humble beginnings. He fought alongside Quain'tana during the conquest of Machike'Shikumo, serving in the capacity of beastmaster.[1] It was no surprise when his daughter, Koil'dorath, was legally adopted by Quain'tana and declared heir to the clan.

Biography - Arc I

Mandroga was present as witness when Quain'tana declared Ariel Val'Sarghress as heir. Mandroga argued against it, claiming that Koil'dorath had proved herself more than worthy of the title. He questioned Ariel's true parentage, despite Quain'tana's firm claims. He suggested that Koil'dorath's troops take care of Ariel, and continued to press Quain'tana on the issue until he was directly ordered to leave.

Biography - Arc II

Sarghress Civil War

In the aftermath of the Puppeteer Incident, as a coup developed within the Sarhgress clan, Mandroga was seen standing beside his mate. Facing an enraged and poisoned Quain'tana, he led their forces in an attempt to subdue the Ill'haress and return her to healers for treatment. Quain'tana was briefly captured in stone, but escaped mere moments later. She was then seen reaching out for Mandroga's head, leaving his ultimate fate uncertain[2].

Biography - Arc III

A New Leader Is Found...Again

Following Ariel's surrender to Kor'maril at Felde and her faction's subsequent return to the Sarghress Clan fortress, Mandroga was revealed to be the current leader of the remaining Sarghress forces, which now consisted of a majority of the "anti-Val" faction. As he addressed the assembled clan, Ariel and Kel'noz Val'Sarghress were brought to the fore, and the riled up mob prepared to hang the two prisoners. When the pair were brought up to a set of nooses, Kel'noz made one last ditch attempt to also reach out to the crowd, but his words were cut short by an unknown assassin, who shot the mage in the chest with a crossbow. After a second bolt nearly missed Ariel, the crowd became split between those who still wanted to watch the spectacle of the hanging and those who sought to find the assassin before they could continue their attack.

Mandroga began to berate Kor'maril, who had taken a protective stance in front of his prisoners, ordering him away from the vals. Slipping her bonds, Ariel Val'Sarghress managed to escape from her pursuers. After commandeering a polearm from a nearby soldier, she fought her way to Mandroga, challenging him - and any others, in the process - for leadership of the Sarghress. Attempting to continue the hanging spectacle, he again addressed the Sarghress crowd, inviting any who wished to take on the young val's challenge to line up[3]. Ariel would go on to fight multiple challengers in a series of back to back duels, until a reckless fire-wielding challenger pushed the fight too far, injuring not only the young heir, but several onlookers in the crowd as well. Despite her injuries, Ariel proved to be the victor after being forced to kill the pyromancer. Seeing the extent of her injuries, Mandroga finally stepped forward to finish her off, declaring that the "show" - as well as Quain's line - was over. To his surprise, Ariel appeared to recover, demanding that he fight her as she blocked his sword strike. He turned back to the crowd, calling for another challenger, but was denied as the crowd began to cheer and chant for him to finally step up and fight. Seeing no other option, he called for his war rods, preparing to fight.

Mandroga loses the leadership challenge to Ariel Val'Sarghress, paying with his life.

As the pair dueled, Ariel attempted to question Mandroga, demanding to know what he had done with Koil'dorath. He stated to the younger drow that Koil was gone, like her mother, his love, and everything that Quain's legacy had destroyed. Continuing to press the attack, he eventually managed to disarm Ariel, knocking her polearm away with a strike from his war rods. In an attempt to play to the already worked up crowd, he attacked the young val again and again, calling her a monster in front of the other Sarghress and insisting that they could be killed. Taking advantage of his hubris, the downed heir surprised Mandroga with a punch to his un-armored nether region, stunning him. Following up with a vicious headbutt, she took advantage of his hesitation, pummeling him repeatedly and with enough force to cause Mandroga to have a flashback of Quain'tana's previous attack during the Sarghress civil war[4]. Mandroga attempted to make another feeble attempt to defend himself against the enraged Ariel, using his war rods and Earth affinity to form a crater around them. This was not enough, however, and after taking his weapon from him, Ariel began to beat him to further into the ground with his own war rod. With a berserker-like rage, she would continue the assault until she had beaten Mandroga to death, standing over him in bloody victory, much like she had in her childhood[5].

Notable Quotes

"WE have served you for all our lives! Koil'dorath is your heir! Are all of our sacrifices and your words worth NOTHING!?"[6] - Arguing with Quain'tana regarding her decision to make Ariel heir.

"Vals of Sarghress! The last remnants o fa shameful era! Rogue figureheads that led an entire colony astray - and that some would wish returned to power! I say no to this! Never again will Vals rule over us! Today we cast aside the last remnants of our shame! Today we become free! TOMORROW, WE! MAKE! CHEL! OURS!!!"[7] - To the assembled Sarghress as they prepare to hang Kel'noz and Ariel Val'Sarghress.

"Pff! You'll wear down, girl. You're no Quain! And you will never become her. I will make sure of that."[8] - To Ariel, regarding her challenge for leadership of the clan.

Character Concept