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Melodia is a young and playful feral owned by Ariel Val'Sarghress.

Appearance and Personality

Melodia shows adeptness at tracking by scent.

Melodia is of average height for a feral, and stands approximately 1.5 meters tall, or slightly under 5 feet tall. Her tail, mane and muzzle are an extremely pale blue, her fur is white, and her eyes are light blue. As a juvenile, Melodia wore a light blue tunic; as an adult, she now wears a deep blue hooded tunic with a small armored breastplate, as well as a belt pouch.

First appearing as a juvenile and untrained feral, Melodia was purchased by Ariel Val'Sarghress as a pet and traveling companion from the naga merchant Kwaii. She was extremely curious, and showed a powerful sense of smell, being able to detect Chiri'nide and Shan'naal when they attempted to trail the Sarghress heir discretely. Her loyalty to her master has remained into her adulthood, as well as a sense of protectiveness. She has retained her inquisitiveness as well as the speed and agility of her youth, and has expressed a desire to one day learn to pilot a golem.

Biography - Arc I

Journey To The Overworld

File:Melodia 2.jpg
Melodia goes cloak-hunting.

Melodia was first encountered in the markets of Chel'el'sussoloth, where she was sold to Ariel Val'Sarghress as a traveling companion. While many trained adult ferals could be sold for as much as 500 ada, Melodia's very young age and lack of training allowed Ariel to purchase the feral for only 39 ada. She quickly showed a talent for scent tracking as they left the merchant's tent, when Melodia detected the presence of Chiri'nide and Shan'naal hiding behind the tent. Chapter 11, page 56</ref>

Too young to speak yet, the feral quickly grew attached to her new master, following her loyally on her journey to the overworld. Melodia occasionally made a nuisance of herself, and regularly attacked the various cloaks worn by Ariel's party. When not chasing their clothing or attempting to cuddle with the travelers, she would find amusement by playing with Ariel's bio-golem.

Confrontation with Jer'kol

Melodia puts her cloak-hunting skills to good use.

Melodia's cloak-stalking skills became useful when Ariel and the other young travelers were lured into a supposedly safe cavern during a duergar ambush. When the guard leading them showed himself to be Jer'kol, a Sarghress soldier who had attempted to attack Ariel before, the party quickly worked together to take down the rogue soldier. As Jer'kol began to parry or counter their attacks, Melodia snuck up behind him, and yanked on his cloak. The distraction allowed the younger drow to quickly finish him off, with Ariel getting in the final blow utilizing a mana blast.[1]

Finding Ariel

After Ariel was kidnapped by Rik'shakar during their journey, Melodia assisted Vaelia in tracking the missing girl, following her trail to the badlands. There, they found Ariel sitting next to a rock outcropping alone, and Rik'shakar nowhere to be found.[2] Now reunited, Melodia and Vaelia led Ariel back to their camp to continue their journey to eventually locate and rescue Faen Val'Sullisin'rune.

Biography - Arc II

The District Wars

Melodia remains a loyal companion and friend to Ariel.

Now an adult, Melodia grew to an average height for ferals. Contrary to many underworld ferals, Melodia spoke in first person tense, instead of calling herself "feral" or by her name when referring to herself. Being the pet of a noble clan heir allowed her to have a great deal of freedom, such as referring to Ariel and Faen by their names instead of using a title.

Melodia also developed the ability to detect when Faen was close to losing control of her empathy, most notably by watching her eyes shift to what the feral called her "scary eyes." When Faen was about to lose control of herself, Melodia offered companionship and support to her, hoping to settle down the empath's wild emotional bursts.

Prior to the "val squad" consisting of Sar'nel Tions Sarghress, Ariel, Faen, Kau and Shala Val'Sharen leaving on their first patrol as a team, Melodia accompanied Ariel to a golem-piloting training session. When Ariel was called upon to greet a val guest, she and Melodia raced to the gate, with the feral winning. After declaring her victory, Melodia claimed that she was to be the pilot of the golem now, while Ariel laughed and told her that she had better be the first feral to learn how to use mana.[3]

Her curiosity took hold after meeting their val guest, and Melodia spent some time investigating the strange golem that accompanied the young drow. Later, she accompanied Ariel and Faen as they attempted to introduce Wafay to Suu'be, providing support to Faen when the empath began to lose control due to the wayward emotions of the Sarghress surrounding her, particularly the anger shown by Suu'be.[4]

The Puppeteer Incident

Melodia watches the appearance of an ominous demonic aura with fear.

Melodia remained at the Sarghress Clan Fortress, where she observed with worry the bright red surges of mana that heralded the arrival of the Demon God.[5]

Her status later during the Sarghress Civil War, which led to Ariel and Faen's departure for Machike, is unknown.

Notable Quotes

"CLOAKURR!" - Attempting to chase Chiri'nide Val'Kyorl'solenurn's cloak.

"I get to be pilot now!" - To Ariel Val'Sarghress after winning a foot race.

"Yourre making the scarrry face again." - To Faen Val'Sullisin'rune, attempting to help her avoid losing control of her empathy.

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