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Mili'ani Kyorl'solenurn

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Mili'ani is a Kyorl'solenurn Warden serving in the Order of the Twin Eyes.

Appearance & Personality

Mili'ani is a tall and well-endowed female drowussu with pale golden eyes. She has wavy turquoise hair that she leaves long and unstyled. She wears an unusually stylized suit of warden's armor, with a green tabard bearing the heraldry of the Order of the Twin Eyes. Though she wields both a crossbow and sword with proficiency, her favoured weapon is an iron morning star.

She is a bold and playful individual, especially given the typically-reserved demeanor of those of her clan. Cocky and self-assured, she eagerly flaunts decorum and is openly flirtatious with those around her; traits that she is well aware cause discomfort and embarrassment to those around her. She is also quite aggressive and bloodthirsty, thoroughly enjoying the carnage of battle.

Biography - Arc I

Hunting the Vloz'ress (Deprecated - WIP)

Mili'ani first appeared as a member of a Kyorl'solenurn party that had been assigned by Holy Mother Shimi'lande to hunt Vloz'ress summoners in retaliation for the kidnapping and torture of one of her friends.[1] Alongside Mili'ani were several fellow members of her Order; Warden Ky'ovarde, Inquisitor Ae'theriss, Templars Sang'oro and Ron'nae, and Crusader Ano'toti. The group was also accompanied by Inquisitor Desmonde of the Order of the Holy Eye, whose task was to ensure the mission focused solely on eliminating the Vloz'ress and did not target other factions that might also be encountered.

Sene'kha's Execution

Having witnessed Sene'kha's brazen attempt to attack her forces with nether, Quill'yate elected to turn the rogue summoner over to the Kyorl'solenurn custody. As Ky'ovarde returned with their order's Judicator, Mili'ani watched as Sene'kha attempted to barter information in exchange for her life.[2] Scorning her offer and wasting no time on the matter, Kousei promptly ordered her summary execution; an act undertaken with just as little hesitation by Ky'ovarde, who proceeded to seal the lingering nether from Sene'kha's corpse. With the deed done and having little love for the Kyorl'solenurn, Quill'yate commanded the Order to depart Machike.[3]

Rest and Relaxation

Later, having returned triumphantly from her earlier mission against the Vloz'ress, Mili'ani enjoyed the attentions of Sang'oro, whom she had convinced to provide a sensual massage. Though flustered by what he suspected to be an improper relation with his Warden, Mili'ani coyly insisted he had a natural talent for massage.[4]

Biography - Arc III

Notable Quotes

"Now dear Sang'oro, sliced or crushed, do you agree that it kills demons all the same?"[5] - Cheerfully declaring a mace just as capable as a blade in dispatching a demon.