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Miner'a Kyorl'solenurn

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Appeared in chapters                                           42                 

Miner'a is a warden for the Order of the Twin Eyes, working with Ky'ovarde to find manipulators in the clan.

Appearance and Personality

Miner'a is a gray-haired warden sporting dark grey armor and a terrible potty mouth. Oddly enough, for being in one of the clan's most radical Orders, she harbors heretical thoughts, questioning her faith in Sharess.


Along with Ky'ovarde and Lysire'indris, Miner'a is tasked by their Judicator to seek out the truth behind the manipulations going on within the clan. They begin with intercepting Petri'cho who was delivering messages to heretical clans at Shimi'lande's request, then Miner'a is ordered to stand guard while Rafal'za tortures the trainee for info. Unfortunately, she gets into a confrontation with Mal and despite using her light sorcery to blind the templar, he sucker punches Miner'a and the intruders leave her dazed and stuck to the floor via earth sorcery.

Later on, as Ky'ovarde murders Kyuusei, Miner'a and Lysire'indris hold off Kale'shido and another Purity templar.

Notable Quotes

"The fucking prison ain't a place for a retarded kid! GET LOST!" - yelling at Merril'lin to get out.

Character Concept