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Mooki'chan Sarghress

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Appeared in chapters                                                         56   

Mooki'chan is a diminutive and timid Sarghress sealer.

Appearance & Personality

Mooki'chan is a female drowussu with a petite build and grey eyes. She has short curly hair left largely unstyled, and wears the standard armor of a Sarghress sealer over a tan tunic. She naturally wields a sealing halberd, as well.

She has a meek and somewhat timid nature, though she remains quite friendly. She is also rather trusting and quite impressionable.

Biography - Arc III

Mooki'chan first appeared as one of the Sarghress responding to Mel'arnach's assassination of Kel'noz. As the Sarghress troops pursued their former clanmate and her accomplice, they passed through the alley in which Baliir stood. Though her allies rushed past large man in their preoccupation with their quarry, Mooki'chan happened to pause next to him as she attempted to catch her breath.[1] Though she was unsure of his intent, the pair had a brief but amicable conversation in which Baliir tried and failed to espouse his democratic ideals. Seeing her confusion, Baliir wearily directed the young sealer back to her duties.

Notable Quotes

"...What are you?"[2] - Responding with confusion to Baliir's inexplicable presence.

Character Concept