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Myridil Kavahini

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Appeared in chapters                                               46             

A cheerful and determined Kavahini warrior.

Appearance & Personality

Myridil is a tall and lean Mimaneidan, with a charcoal skin tone and orange eyes. She has yellow and white hair, drawn into a long braided ponytail. She has an excitable and somewhat cocksure personality, and displays a strong level of determination when injured. She wears a standard Kavahini battle-gown along with a yellow scarf.


She is first seen as part of the Mimaneid force striking against Snadhya'rune's forces in Felde. She has the misfortune of running afoul of Kharla, and is briefly but brutally used as a plaything by the powerful empath. With Kiel's intervention, she survives the Ill'haress' attentions and continues further into the fortress, eventually linking up with Mikilu and Chakri. The trio reach Snadhya'rune and manage to overpower her escort, though Myridil is subjected to yet another empathic attack in the process.

As the trio engage the eldest daughter, her guardians recover and Myridil is finally brought down by an attack from Jiaan. While the Kavahini warriors are unable to get past Snadhya'rune's defenses, the battle is enough of a distraction to allow Erelice to sneak up on the Sharen matriarch. Having been grievously wounded by the sneak-attack, Snadhya'rune enters a blind fury. Though Chakri and Mikilu manage to escape, Myridil is crushed to death by Snadhya'rune's powerful summons.

Notable Quotes

"<Not again!>" -Upon being subjected to an empathic attack for the second time that day.

Character Concept