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A Halme kingdom where the king and queen were holding a ritual they believed maintained youth, bathing in the blood of elves.


Nagyescsed is a Halme kingdom located to the far northeast of the Machike settlement, along the Sea of Mist. The population is mostly Halmes, ruled by a king and queen from the royal city of Chaktice. In the middle of the royal city sits Chaktice Castle, a large fortress at the base of a mountain that houses the royal family and a dungeon filled with elf prisoners [1]. The architecture of the buildings and castle is lavish and rich, with warm color tones and detailed wood carvings for decoration [2].


Nagyescsed Halmes are fairly superstitious, believing in bad omens, devils and witchcraft. Due to the recent plague called the Black Death, drow have been looked upon as devils due to the color of their skin, and some Halmes believe that they had inflicted the plague on Nagyescsed’s citizens.

The king and queen recently put forth a decree ordering all elves, whether Vanir, Dokkalfar or drow be rounded up and brought to Chaktice Castle in exchange for a lifelong exemption from taxes and a gold coin [3]. The rulers would then sacrifice the elves one-by-one and bath in their blood, hoping to gain immortality through a blood ritual [4]. The practice was eventually ended by a group of Highland Raiders, along with Ariel Val’Sarghress and her companions as they sought to rescue Faen. The king and queen were both killed in the assault, and the elf prisoners vanished without a trace. [5]

This article reflects events up to Chapter 50.