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Naubol'oth Val'Beldrobbaen

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Appeared in chapters   2                                              48           

Naubol'oth is one of the eight headmasters of the male's section of Orthorbbae. He takes a key role in resolving the crisis his clan suffers at the hands of a traitor from within.

Appearance & Personality

Naubol'oth is a lithe drowolath male with raven hair and dark grey eyes. He wears his hair slightly longer than shoulder-length, tied in the back into a loose ponytail. He is an honorable and composed individual, if rather grim. He has a strong idealistic streak, and is willing to argue with even his Ill'haress over questions of morality. He dresses in the muted colors of his clan, though he tends to wear a white undershirt beneath his robes and tunic.

Biography - Arc I

He first appeared during the meeting of the male headmasters of Orthorbbae, where Kel'noz revealed Ariel's true gender and his desire to have her nature hidden from those outside of the tower's walls. Naubol'oth was somewhat frustrated by this revelation, asking Kel'noz if he was aware of the trouble the gambit could cause and the risk of drawing Snadhya'rune's attention. As the matter was put to the vote, Naubol'oth abstained, being neither opposed not supportive, though predicting an early death for the girl should she stay.[1] Ultimately, the vote passed and Ariel was allowed to remain in the male section of the school.

Biography - Arc II

He next appeared in the aftermath of the Puppeteer Incident, as the Beldrobbaen clan attempted to recover from the losses suffered during Kharla'ggen's control. As he ascended the lift into the main Beldrobbaen fortress, he witnessed Waes'soloth throwing out a servant, causing him to forcefully ask is she was initiating another purge of the servant caste. Though Waes'soloth insisted they were merely being evicted and not killed, Naubol'oth saw little difference given the state of Chel. Hile'wen then offered to escort the weary master to his chambers before the argument could further escalate. As he turned to leave, he witnessed Nin'diil's crazed attempt on Waes'soloth's life, his expression grim as the deranged Val lay slain in the attempt.

As word of the growing madness among several of the noble houses spread, Naubol'oth volunteered to investigate. With the doors of many of the houses sealed, he opted to climb along the outside of the fortress to find a way inside, nearly falling when a distant tower collapsed to the ground and caused a minor earthquake. Finally making his way inside one of the sealed towers, he startled a young Val, who fled further into the tower. Upon catching up to her amid the tower's occupents, she accused him of being infected, much to his confusion. After the tower's Dev'ess explained the nature of the illness, he hurried back to the main tower, only to find a purge underway. He confronted Thalestris, the ancient Dev'ess of the Azaeloth house, decrying her actions as madness.

Able to delay further conflict until reports arrived of the true culprit behind the poisoning of the clan, he raced back to Waes'soloth, who had sealed herself in with her would-be assassin. Though he attemptd to breach the doors, he found Waes'soloth using her own sorcery to bar entry. He then sat by the doors, helpless to do anything but wait for the arrival of aid from the Jaal'darya, requested at the instruction of Waes'soloth herself. When they finally arrived, he tore down the barriers and released Waes'soloth for treatment. Before departing to seek the Jaal'darya envoy, Waes'soloth instructed Naubol'oth to take the young poisoner to rest, her mind having broken under the strain of her betrayal.[2]

Notable Quotes

"Don't you realize this is all tearing us apart?! This is exactly what they want, for us to destroy ourselves!"[3] - Trying to end the internal conflict during the Flower Plague.