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Appeared in chapters                           26*                                 
Appeared in side stories Jaal'darya Investigation

Neige is a feral dwelling on the surface, used by the Jaal'darya as the guide for a surface expedition to Amaranth.

Appearance & Personality

Neige is a female feral with hazel eyes. She has tan hair pulled back with a plain brown headband. She has mottled brown, white, and orange fur in a calimanco pattern. She dresses in a simple blue tunic and plain trousers, and adorns her ears with a pair of bells. She is cheerful and playful individual, but does not concern herself with the fate of the relic hunters she is ostensibly there to guide.

Neige stares at the relic hunters who have been unwittingly been infected.[2]

Biography - Arc I

Amaranth Expedition

Neige first appeared as the guide for a Relic Hunter expedition to Amaranth, overseen by Femi and a fellow Jaal'darya researcher. Having successfully guided the expedition to its target, she proceeded to relax as the relic hunter squad began their search of the ruins, eventually coming across a severely decayed and rot-covered corpse.[3] Later that night, Neige stared ominously at the squad, much to their unease. As Femi ordered the squad to prepare to depart the next day, Neige withdrew and began shadowing the squad, though when the squad inquired as to her whereabouts, Femi lied and claimed she had returned to her tribe.[4]

Notable Quotes

"Lighty brighty. Ish therre!"[5] - Upon guiding a relic hunter team to ruins on the outskirts of Amaranth.

Character Concept