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Ni'ju Vel'Sharen

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Originally a Vel'Sharen of Nishi'kanta's line, Ni'ju has become a free nether being that obeys the command of her sister, Ni'bai.

Appearance and Personality

Ni'ju is a demonic summon that has relatively little personality to speak of. She obeys the commands her sister, Ni'bai, gives to her, and seems to retain a sisterly bond with her despite being torn from her phsyical body.

Biography - Arc I

Ni'bai used to be a noble of Nishi'kanta's lineage, and Ni'ju was once her protector twin. When the Nidraa'chal effectively took control of the Vel'Sharen clan, Ni'bai and Ni'ju were among those that were either forcibly tainted or exiled when their matriarch submitted to the demands of her sisters. It is unknown what happened to Ni'ju that turned her into a loyal nether summon, but she now follows the command of Ni'bai.

Some time after the Vel'Sharen conversion, Ni'bai left her home and found purpose with Sene'kha Vel'Vloz'ress. Sene'kha hoped to summon an ancient demon god that would destroy the clans system forever, and Ni'bai was happy to help.

When Ni'bai squared off in a fight with Desmonde Kyorl'solenurn, she summoned Ni'ju to aid her. Ni'ju sliced through Desmonde's aura, shattering her mind and leaving her body lifeless.