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Appeared in chapters  1*                                                          
Appeared in side stories Machike's Conquest

Nimael was a field commander of the Machike garrison, slain in battle by Sarghress attackers several centuries prior to the main story.

Appearance & Personality

Nimael was a lithe dokkalfar commander with teal hair and blue eyes. She wore light armor and a blue cloak, as well as a decorative golden headband. Though little is known of her personality, she was proud and held to the traditional codes of honor.


Nimael appeared during the events of the Siege of Machike, during the year 704 Moonless Age. As her fellow soldiers entered a rout, she defiantly held her ground with earth and fire sorcery, challenging any comer to a personal duel. Unfortunately, Quain'tana's respect for the traditional codes honor was negligible, and Nimael was promptly shot to death from a distance with arrows and crossbow bolts. With her death, the attacking Sarghress forces advanced to the gates of Machike, forcing Lord Rosof to step up in a desperate bid to stave off the assault.[1]

Notable Quotes

"Any of you! Come forward and face me in a duel if you dare!"[2] - Challenging the attacking Sarghress forces to an honorable duel.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 1.