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Nimiel Vloz'ress

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Appeared in chapters                                        39                    

Nimiel Vloz'ress is a cameo character appearing in Moonless Age that was created and designed by Negamalice.

Appearance and Personality

Originally of the Val'Beldrobbaen clan, Nimiel is a mannered crow who sometimes speaks in higher language than the Vloz'ress she is surrounded by can comprehend.

Like most members of the Vloz'ress, she wears a mask that covers everything except her eyes. Her mask features a spiderweb pattern, and she has a pair of summoned nether spiders that sit on her shoulders. She wears a long black dress with a red sash and carries a long staff. She has shoulder-length black hair with a purple streak in the front, and her eyes are tainted red.


Formerly of the Val'Beldrobbaen clan, Nimiel is now serving the Vel'Vloz'ress as Kharla'ggen's nanny for unknown reasons. Kiel'ndia called for her when she was checking in on Kharla'ggen. Nimiel reported that Kharla was displeased with her new toy, which turned out to be a partially dollified Maki. Kiel spoke with Kharla to calm her and ordered Nimiel to clean up Maki's body.

Kiel'ndia also volunteered Nimiel to play the role of french maid in a roleplay with herself and Kharla'ggen. Nimiel appeared to be distressed at this idea.

Notable Quotes

"The mistress is most wroth." Talking about Kharla being angry.

Character Concept