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Nin'katsu Vloz'ress

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Appeared in chapters                                                47            

One of Nyo'ka's scourges.

Appearance & Personality

Nin'katsu is a tall, if somewhat frail drowolath with tainted eyes. He is bald, but wears a very large orange and white wig. His attire is a magenta robe with a light breastplate over top of it. Behind his mask, he shows signs of a progressive infection. He is steadfastly loyal to his mistress.


Demon God Incident

He is first seen introducing Nyo'ka to Larvova as the latter arrives to demand explanations for her behavior. Specifically, she objects to the agreements Nyo'ka made with the Sharen Alliance while Larvova was in Felde attending Snadhya'rune's gathering. Nyo'ka refuses to be questioned further, and leaves with Nin'katsu in tow.

He is shortly thereafter overtaken, along with his mistress, during the Puppeteer Incident orchestrated by Ni'bai. However, he survives unharmed until the control is broken.

Notable Quotes

"The illustrious summoner, Nyo'ka Vloz'ress, has arrived." -Introducing his mistress.

Character Concept