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Appeared in chapters                                               46             

The deranged child of Yuh'le.

Appearance & Personality

Niphrendil is a pale drowussu child, with long white hair in an Odango hairstyle. She wears an almost entirely white dress, with only a pink sash providing colour. She is cheerfully sadistic and very excitable, eagerly watching an execution. She is also rather immature, and has magpie-like tendency to store stolen objects. Perhaps only partly due to her age, she is prone to fits of hysteria.


She is first seen in Felde, accompanying her mother as Snadhya'rune prepares to execute Erelice's squad. She cheerfully walks up to the assembled prisoners, taking great pleasure in taunting them over their imminent demise. Her mother shortly pulls her away so the execution can commence, and she eagerly watches as the Airship fires.

The first blast being an indirect hit, Filf'rae and Vayas'arn survive, freeing Filf'rae in the process. However, the ship soon fires a second volley. Thinking all to be dead, Niphrendil skips down to the execution site to dance in front of the corpses, only to discover Filf'rae used her body to shield Vayas'arn.

Notable Quotes

"You're all going to die. Die die die die die die die die!" -While taunting Filf'rae.

Character Concept