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Nom'ina Nori'fu Sarghress

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Appeared in side stories A Small Discovery , Island of Sea and Sky

The young granddaughter of Suu'be Nor'ifu Sarghress.

Appearance and Personality

Nom'ina is a young drowalath of average height for a drow. Her eyes are lilac in color, and her hair is white with dyed red tips. She usually wears her hair pulled up in a styled circle atop her head. Nom Nom, as she prefers to be called, is a relatively friendly and accepting drow, as she was willing to work without Vaelia and allow her to keep her earth spirit without showing any contempt at having to work with a "goblin."

Originally, Nom'ina sought to merely complete her blood rite in the overworld, she was drawn to the ancient lands and wished to experience more of them. This led her to join the Highland Raiders at the Machike camp; the mission to the Nuwa Isles was her first mission as a Raider.

Biography - Arc I

Main article: Vaelia's Path
Nomina uses her fire sorcery to clear locust fae from the storage building.

Pest control

Nom'ina was one of multiple new recruits who accompanied the Highland Raiders on a patrol to clear out one of the Raiders' storage buildings. Showing the ability to use fire, she used her sorcery to burn out many of the small earth "locusts" that had infested the cache [1]. Later, she became one of four new recruits who volunteered to join Iwan on his exploration assignment to the Nuwa Isles.

Fallen Island

Upon arriving at the Fallen Island, Nom'ina was able to effortlessly maneuver the floating rocks to reach the main floating islands, noting that they were much like the floaters at the Othorbbae. She also showed herself to be very accepting of their other new addition, Vaelia, going so far as to compliment her on her ability to keep up with the fae members of the group. When Vaelia admitted that a spirit helped her, Nom'ina commented that the spirit was "damn convenient." [2]

During their trek towards the old Jie'yen ruins, the group stumbled across a basket of rotting fish. Nom'ina offered to cook a few for dinner, feeling that whoever had left it there wouldn't miss it. To the group's surprise, a small glowing dragon leapt out of the nearby shrubbery and made off with the basket. [3] Later that afternoon, she climbed a ruined tower with Kaito, finding it flooded and unable to be explored. After Vaelia was able to arrange for local Emberi fishermen to take them to Samoi, she complained about an Emberi girl who had been following them, feeling that the girl was spying on the drow.

A Little Effort In Communication

After locating an Emberi village, Chu was discovered hiding in Vaelia's backpack when Kaito kicked it out of rage, accusing Vaelia of not having what it took to be a Raider. Nom'ina told the others that she didn't see the harm in keeping the "bug" - as long as Vaelia didn't bring it back to camp, it was likely to do little harm. After Vaelia returned from the Emberi leading a bird laden with the village's offering the Raiders, Nom'ina expressed admiration at the crate containing large chunks of mana bearing sap, saying that the clan would likely want to keep them. [4]

Notable Quotes

"Well...as long as she don't bring the bug back to camp, it's not like it'll do any harm." - To the rest of the squad as they debated allowing Vaelia to keep Chu with her.