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Nona'brail Xyrrai'zestu Sharen

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Nona'brail is an empathic nurse attending to Shinae Vel'Sharen after her pregnancy.

Appearance and Personality

Nona'brail is lightly built drowolath with long silver hair, styled into a braided ponytail. Both of her eyes have been removed, and she often wears a large hood veiling her face. She wears a somewhat incongruous skull pendant in the left side of her hair. She is neat and composed in her duties. She is also compassionate and gentle, having elected to become a pacifist.

More recently, she has begun a Jaal'darya medical treatment to provide her with new eyes.


During The District War

She is first seen attending to Shinae as her personal empath healer, monitoring Shinae's health after the damage done by her traumatic childbirth incident. During evacuation of the Slaver's district on Darya Lake, she waits until Shinae escapes to get on the last boat. The traumatic experience shakes her, and she collapses soon after reaching friendly territory.

After the War

Following the Puppeteer Incident and the formal peace between the Sharen and Sarghress, Chrys'tel is tasked with locating her sister and bringing her before Zala'ess. She selects both Nona'brail and Sorn'mal to accompany her in this. All attempts to reason with Shinae fall flat, and a battle ensues. Initially gaining an advantage through the element of surprise, Shinae succeeds in injuring Sorn'mal and Baef. However, she makes the mistake of pausing to taunt her sister. Sorn'mal uses this time to recover and turn Chrys'tel's sorcery-altered blood back upon Shinae, following up with a vicious axe-blow. With Baef also recovering and delivering a powerful bite to Shinae's arm, the fight is all but ended.

Knowing herself beaten, Shinae rejects a final offer of surrender and takes Nona hostage in attempt to buy herself time[1]. Knowing her to be to injured to get far, and not wanting to risk Nona's life, Chrys'tel and Sorn'mal opt to let her go and track the trail of blood from a distance. Eventually, Shinae releases Nona and continues on alone. Sorn'mal rushes to Nona's side and scrambles to tend to her wounds, as she gently teases him for his panicked attitude.

Zala'ess' Illness

Main article: The Flower Plague

Sorn'mal, Nona'brail and Al'tesh Vel'Sharen are all assigned to guarding Zala'ess, whose infection had progressed to a madness stage. Her most recent hallucination episode startled Nona & the two soldiers, prompting caution against letting info about her condition spread to the Sarghress.

Notable Quotes

"Relax your body. The birthing may be over, but your wounded flesh remembers." Telling Shinae to calm down after she suffered another spasm of pain.

Character Concept