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Not'chrys Vel'Sharen

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Appeared in chapters                                                       54     

"Not'chrys"[1] is an as-yet unnamed relative of Chrys'tel and one of Shodun's protégés.

Appearance & Personality

Not'chrys is a lean female drowolath with tainted eyes. She dyes her hair a light lavender and styles it into a large and loose bun. She is somewhat overconfident and quick to make assumptions.

Biography - Arc III

Not'chrys first appeared as Quill'yate led a massive charge of Highland Raiders into Felde. One of several warriors under the command of Shodun, she took part in an intense barrage of spellsong that succeeded in halting the charge as the raiders crossed a bridge leading into the city. Initially proclaiming her foes dead, she was shocked to see her foes rise from the ground largely unharmed, though their dawmere mounts did not fare so well. As Quill'yate lept to attack, Not'chrys fired off a blast of fire sorcery in attempt to kill the veteran commander of the Highland Raiders.[2] Editor's note: Spoiler... It's not gonna do jack s**t.

Notable Quotes

"They lined up to die."[3] - After using a powerful blast of spellsong to help halt a charge led by Quill'yate.