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An archipelago west of Zharbi containing ruins of floating islands. The Jie'yen came from this area, and Emberi now inhabit the islands. One major island is called Samoi.


Nuwa was once a group of floating islands, where each isle was held aloft by giant crystal foci embedded into its bottom. The island nation has since fallen from the air and now sits on top of the water as a normal island chain. Smaller chunks of the former isles still float, having been too small to be a target for mana-eating demons during the original demon wars. Formerly the homeland of the Jie’yen clan, nothing remains of the original elven clan home except for flooded ruins[1].

There is an abundance of natural resources that are considered valuable to drow merchants in Nuqrah'shareh, Chel'el'Sussoloth and beyond. The island is home to a species of trees that shed a resin in chunks much like gemstones, which can later be converted into mana foci [2].


Currently, Nuwa is inhabited by Emberi tribes who range from fishermen to spiritual warriors who focus on hand-to-hand combat. The emberi now revere the dragons, spiders and birds as their gods or spirits [3], giving them great fear of the spirits’ former masters, the Jie’yen. The ruins of Nuwa are popular relic-hunting spots for the Highland Raiders, who seek antiques, jewels, and mana-bearing items that can be sold back in Chel to support the Sarghress clan.

The initial drow raiding party who encountered the Nuwa Emberi also reported contact with an unusual glowing dragon, which appeared from the forest to snatch an offering of fish before returning into the underbrush. It is unknown whether this was the only dragon left on the isle, possibly left behind from the original Jie’yen evacuation, or if it is a descendant of the original Jie’yen dragons that may still be living on the Nuwa isles [4].

Nuqrah'shareh also deals closely in trade with drow in contact with the islands, such as the purchasing of emberi slaves from Nuwa that are most often seen in the Balvhakara clan.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 50.