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Page Descriptions - Chapter 55

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This article contains all the Moonless Age page announcements made by the comic's author for Chapter 55 - Home. These often elaborate on or clarify details not explicitly stated in the comic itself, but regardless provide a sort of commentary for each page. These announcements are made in the Moonless Age channel of the Official Discord and can also be read on the comic's Official Facebook Page.

Chapter Announcement

Chapter Cover

Kern: This cover has a lot of demons and it symbolizes a few things about what's to come. But there's demons among the protagonists in the middle, too. If anything it's mostly demons there, as well. Kiel blur the line, Naal is one, all the blobs around, and Nau is tainted. The two white armored characters at the back I'll leave as speculation for now. As for the last in the back, definitely a demon.
The white knight at the left, its mask is a sad face painted on. People who follow my concepts knows this chapter will have Diva and Sil'lice returning for this short chapter. Most cameos are set to appear in 56 btw!

Page Announcements

Pages 1-10

Page 1

Kern: Rock, paper, scissor, and cheating demon! Honestly a Kiel chapter had to start with some weirdness.

Page 2

Kern: Another demonic visitor come knocking. And taking down fixture. To sniff them. And then they won't even fix that shit. Must be a new fetish. Also more demon, there will be a lot of demons in the coming stories. Note that Laele's demon is leaving when it sense it, that demon isn't particularly aggressive. It doesn't seek to fight.

Page 3

Kern: The demon seems familiar to Kiel and it recognize her, but before long things start to get chompy. This is one of the summoner in Chapter 47 who tried to bring the big demon to Kharla. She does retain some memories but while the cameo owner wanted a very intact personality, the demons, especially this one, are not going to be acting with full capacities. This one is starving and someone let it in. That gate beyond has no handle, it's mana activated and demons can't produce that. So someone let it in.

Page 4

Kern: Kiel isn't afraid of a little face biting, or demons for that matter. She deal with them every moment of her life, just because one has a big mouth wouldn't stop her from punching and stabbing it. She was hoping for it to turn around and leave, but not anymore. Now she's hoping to hurt it enough to leave.

Page 5

Kern: The cut has little effect, if anything the demon grows in size. Spikier, more bowser-like. Completely unintentional but now I cannot unsee it. As it grows it remembers too and the threat grows with it.

Page 6

Kern: Kiel run and the demon give chase but not for long. Mounting bowser before she can kidnap her princeling and stabbing in the neck. Not likely to take it down but it's a start. Does Kiel have the stamina to keep the mount? Are you guys ready to put the bombs down on the monster's face if she does take it down?

Page 7

Kern: Kiel tries her friends' idea to no effect. The great rock has failed! This was some input that was given on a previous page that I think Kiel should have heard. And yeah that demon isn't falling easily, it can regen and grow.

Page 8

Kern: Naal and Nau arrive to help contain the demon. Because Kiel did such a good job. Not that the demon was very threatening, it's more interested in finding food. Nomming on student's old floaters. Also, Kuso still wearing only a towel, he is too hot for clothes.

Page 9

Kern: The fire strengthens the demon, making it look more and more like a former foe. Fire does kill demons. Demons feed on mana. A normal one would burn and die, releasing the demon within. This one just regenerates too fast from what it's feeding. The stabs wounds are already gone. The former foe is the Chapter 47 big demon god. It can't be contained within a body but that character was right in its gut all that time, it got infected by a shard of it.

Page 10

Kern: Naal get devoured. Again. And Kuso is about become demon's bacon. Some of the characters must be self aware about how often Naal is getting herself in situation where she dies. Nau isn't fourth-wall breaking he just hang out with Kiel long enough to take dramatic situations with some sarcasm at this point.
And well Kuso just watching like nothing matters, as always, is about to bite him in the ass, as always. Lots of recurring stuff in this page! Someday though, Kuso is going to bite it. The sausage I mean.

Pages 11-20

Page 11

Kern: The demon means to give chase but something is fighting to emerge from its body. It's Naal! She dies, she live, she die again, she live again. And Nau realize at this point he should stop being worried, like Kiel. Turns out Naal is a strong demon able to hold her own against this shard and you get a hint as to her nature from how she unfold out. Or look at her latest concept art. She was after all a demon nurtured over many years by Kiel.

Page 12

Kern: Drained out from within, the demon is ready to retreat but Kiel won't let her go. She summon a spirit bomb of buddies and went kameha on her. It's not doing any physical damage, but clearly Naal weakened the wild demon. Every strike helps. If she's weak, she can't regen and she can't grow.

Page 13

Kern: They sprung to attack the weakened demon before it could feed again. It got nip from within by Naal, then the other demons took their own bites. No damage to the outside but it made her weaker and, to Kiel's eyes, weak enough that maybe fire and stabbing might just do the job of killing the host at last.

Page 14

Kern: Cut, burn, and purge! This time the demon does not regenerate, its body perish and it attempts to escape but the demon buddies are going for some bites of its essence.

Page 15

Kern: The demon's freedom is short-lived as the others devour it like a locust swarm. Especially Naal, she's getting a lunch. No need to send the demon back when you got hungry friends from the other side. Vloz aren't very courageous, that cameo coming in late was probably watching like Kuso and once the threat was over she charged in.

Page 16

Kern: The demon was a distraction for the real threat to pass through. And they've succeeded. On their way up to the ninth tower where Diva and the baby are. Neither very fearsome. Well at least the baby got a knife? Might defeat the baddies.

Page 17

Kern: Diva hears something approach in the tower but all her calls remain unanswered. The agent completely ignores her, seeking something entirely different. Or she's just afraid of the baby. I mean, that baby really kicks ass and can wield a knife.

Page 18

Kern: The agents know the layout of the tower and where to find their target: the body of the goddess. Or also known as the elder pickle in a jar. She must smell of vinegar.

Page 19

Kern: The agents attempt to break the sarcophagus open, forcing Diva to attack. Diva versus the white agents. It's not going so well for her, that baby is being no help at all. WHO TOOK THE KNIFE FROM THE BABY!? Nau, yes, bad father. Baby could've saved the day. Also Diva rolled really high on initiative but those agents got really high magicnotgivingashit stat. Again, if only she had her melee party member equipped.

Page 20

Kern, Discord Announcement: Kite is back on the coloring with page 20 where Diva get her innards re-arranged. Lets say she has yet to recover her great queenly power and these enemies don't give a shit about any of them anyways.
Kern, Forum Announcement: Diva's failure is just as great as their failure to open the tomb. Diva is not as strong as her former self and those agents are very good against any mana affinities. Doubtful she could do anything to phase them. Maybe she could violently bleed on them?

Pages 21-30

Page 21

Kern: Even the baby fought back. Opening the door for base cruelties. The tomb is likely using a rare mineral that won't be affected by earth manipulation. The other agent can't open it and Diva, well, maybe keeping the baby could've been a way to coerce her. Clearly this is not their priority. The sport of baby tossing is their priority.

Page 22

Kern: The baby's wail grows fainter as it falls down the stairs and yet a moment later it returns, growing closer. Sil'lice is the baby's knife and she's back for revenge. Grumpy disheveled knife that's looking for some good ol' murdering. The baby's wailing probably got Sil'lice to come over or woke her up.

Page 23

Kern: Mother and daughter begins their bloody work. Head fly, arm fly, baby fly, everything is fast and murderous. Sad face mask lady isn't lasting long as expected. No matter the training, Sil'lice and her daughter have been practicing this murder trade for a long, long time. There is no hesitation, no pleasure in making the pain. It's all about delivering the killing blow as fast as possible. Alright, baby tossing is a bit of a flourish.

Page 24

Kern: They were hoping to be reborn if killed in action. This hope is smashed on the floor. "She will be reborn!" she said, then the dude arrive and fist her sister's neck for some jewelries. Yeah it's a tad messy page. Bloody murder in that room and these have dealt with those type of killers before. These people in white armor are the same as the teacher that Naal killed and Sil'lice's people killed before. Summons with bodies. They can be resummoned and keep on fighting. Except they just said fuck this and smashed it as they very well know about these type of creatures by now.
I believe that the stronger a force gets, the stronger opposition to that force will get. Snad came out from the shadow and made her push so opposing forces learned and are pushing back.

Page 25

Kern: The assassin attempt to escape and Diva is bleeding out. Bleeding out and being really depressed about it. Meanwhile the assassin can do the math: 3 against 1 and her companion being killed so fast.
You may be asking "But Kern, so unrealistic! Why is Sil'lice not trying hard to kick butt?" Keyword is attempt to escape. Sil'lice isn't done. Butt is not fully kicked, give her time to reload foot. Plus holding baby is -2 to foot reloading.

Page 26

Kern: The assassin runs only to find the elevator is long gone. She cannot escape. Or she'll face a 300 meme in a moment which will let her escape, in a way. I mean, a well-shaped hole, her buttock being accessible to a foot, she's one of the immortals...
More seriously, the little golem is what sent the elevator down. Somehow Diva must have learned how to control them over the years.

Page 27

Kern: SPLAT! Because there's nothing more satisfying than someone with supreme confidence going splat. Did she meant to kill herself? Probably not. But she believe to be immortal and it's very important this concept is well-established for what's to come. She would rather take the chance of doing an impossible jump, believing that no matter what happens she'll be brought back by her lady. Better than being caught and questioned. But things happen, distances are bigger than predicted, mortality is tested and Gravity. Still. Works.
Diva still stabbed though. And this safe haven for these misfits isn't as safe as they thought. What the assassins did will have consequences.

Page 28

Kern: Questioning the assassin after death isn't working as expected. Gotta kill her again.

Page 29

Kern: Finally a page! And a bloody messy one at that as Nau sees the aftermath of the battle. At least his precious baby is safe. Diva isn't very safe though.

Page 30

Kern: Many of you guessed right as to what Diva would do next. Page 30 confirms it.

Pages 31-32

Page 31

Kern: Diva tries to kill herself but its a lot harder than she remembered. All ready for a new body, all hyped up at the power and recognition she'd get...

Page 32

Kern: Final page of the chapter is up with Nau worrying about his kid as they leave their shelter. If anything he should be worried for the victims of his kid but you know.

Special Pages

Turtlebaby Chibi 1

Kern: Special page from Kite about Nau being mom. Babies with kniiiives.

Turtlebaby Chibi 2

Kern: Kite made a special chibi page based on the discord discussion over the baby's name!

Turtlebaby Chibi 3

No official announcement.

Seems About Right Chibi

No official announcement.