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Page Descriptions - Chapter 57

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This article contains all the Moonless Age page announcements made by the comic's author for Chapter 57 - End of an Age. These often elaborate on or clarify details not explicitly stated in the comic itself, but regardless provide a sort of commentary for each page. These announcements are made in the Moonless Age channel of the Official Discord and can also be read on the comic's Official Facebook Page.

Chapter Announcement

Chapter Cover

Kern: The epic end-chapter cover of Moonless Age is up! I've had many possible names for the final chapter but, considering the name of the comic, this is the most fitting.

Page Announcements

Pages 1-10

Page 1

Kern: A living goddess stumbling out of stasis. Too weak to stand on her own. Yet representing a great opportunity for them. Not straight into the action, as I felt Sharess' condition had to be addressed before - you know - chaos. Also, next update is the 19th Anniversary special, which would technically be tomorrow but for the sake of staggering updates it will be 2 days from now.

Page 2

Kern: Lost in her own mind, she fights to emerge as Sil'lice doubts this is truly a goddess reborn. Regarding the last panel's text: I've been wanting to move away from the plain comic font for a long time. However, this is how the comic began and I have to stick with it. These two dialogue boxes were put in for the fun of of seeing what Kite would do with it as an optional layer. So no, the dialogue won't change for this last chapter. Sure will be changing for the next project though!

Page 3

Kern: She awakens through the haze of memories as unexpected news arrives. Everything happens in one day.

Page 4

Kern: Meanwhile, Faen discovers something Ariel has been hiding since the last fight. Faen should just smack Ariel unconscious. It's the easiest and fastest way to convince her to NOT do anything.

Page 5

Kern: Faen shows a new side of herself while Chiri and Merri are stuck in a vision. Those visions weren't that common lately, but they're back in Chel and those visions are going to become routine occurrence. Also, this is the beginning of Faen the Empress; she will boss all by the end of the chapter.

Page 6

Kern: They're being watched and things are way too quiet in that street. Snad did tell her people to get ready to kill Chrys when she returned. Of course they'd be watching. While Chiri and Merri are getting visions, they're probably silent visions. These watchers don't seem to be talking much, which doesn't help them to figure out what's going to happen.

Page 7

Kern: Aware of the enemy's presence, the whole column is stopped and they begin to watch the empty streets around with worry.

Page 8

Kern: There's demons around that the coalition fails to see, but Kiel does and she's on the hunt. Kiel does her own thing as always. And no, demons don't have smell.

Page 9

Kern: An unexpectedly silent city, a strange set of glows in the distance, and a warning is screamed. To give the feel of a lengthening silence in comic is a tough thing to portray.

Page 10

Kern: Cannons fire into the main street and ambushes await those escaping it. Big booms. Lots of big booms.

Pages 11-20

Page 11

Kern: In the aftermath of the cannon-fire, the armored division charges through the remains. Why doesn't the empath detect the enemies? That's not how empathy works. There's ton of people around and it doesn't tell you who may be the enemy. Why don't they block the blast? They tried given the time. Watch the guy without an head. Don't be that guy. Why didn't they run out of the street? No. Time. This is an ambush. Why doesn't Sharess save the day? Sharess is having a pizza. Not everything goes smoothly. If you protest at the protagonists getting their faces smashed in, you better not protest when the antagonists get their faces smashed in. Oh wait. It happens, too.

Page 12

Kern: The armored division and the Fallen strike at the artillery positions. The Fallen were already mid-way, Sara has a long weapon of her own, and those golems can jump. In case it's been too long: Those golems are from the attack on the airship chapter. The prototype, along with the engineers, were found in Sha'shi.

Page 13

Kern: Bombardment resumes from a new side of the battlefield, shredding the shelters where many had found refuge. However, the firing is short-lived this time, as something has put a stop to it. The page was getting quite late, so I stepped in to help with the coloring. Might look a bit different.

Page 14

Kern: The gang had to find an alternative route to escape after being hunted down by two different factions. And this one is one Kiel's used before, many times. On an artistic note, I wish I could make use of dialogue as visual effects more often. It can easily be missed.

Page 15

Kern: While the bombardment happened, the Imperial Guard was on the move to silence the second ambush. No, this is not in response to any complaints about scouts. The chapter was written before page 1 went up. Just have patience.

Page 16

Kern: The cannons are silent, victory is acquired. Although there is no sign of the agents that were waiting in ambush. But hey, I'm sure it was a complete victory. Congrats, the chapter ends at page 16.

Page 17

Kern: The scream of victory is cut short. Now why would they go and kill shouty boi instead of trying to get to the people they want dead?

Page 18

Kern: They fall back, assaulted from within their own ranks and from rooftops around. Among the chaos, Ariel and Faen are led to safety... This gave an opportunity for the traitors to eliminate the leadership. If Ariel hadn't been protected by the mightiest, strongest of bears, maybe it could have been done. But now Faen will destroy all and establish herself as empress. The end.
Kern - Additional: Never trust someone who smiles a lot. I tried to make it look like he caught her attention by making a note. But it didn't come out quite right.

Page 19

Kern: Traitor working with the enemy, seeking to isolate the young leader and end her while the troops retreat. As I wrote above, never trust someone who smiles so much.

Page 20

Kern: Pinned down in an enclosed alley, they must act fast or be surrounded. The surprise attack wasn't successful and now the killers can be careful. Time is on their side. Also the arrows breaking down like this intentional. Shrapnel to counter people like Ariel.

Pages 21-30

Page 21

Kern: Meanwhile the Imperial Guards seek to rejoin the fight. Although someone is targeting Chrys personally. They've let the others pass before raising the wire in Chrys' way. A lot is happening at the same time, so please forgive the jumping back and forth.

Page 22

Kern: The trap is set. Chrys is cut off from her comrades except for two, and already under a barrage of fire. Snad, in the previous chapter, asked for Chrys to be stopped before she reached the dome. She was the prime target, although ending Ariel would help end the movement.

Page 23

Kern: Wounded, the dragon musters its remaining strength to protect her. Chomp chomp.

Page 24

Kern: Amidst the battle, one person stands out to finish her off. Someone she knows. One bolt had embedded right in her face. Chrys is not doing too well, right now.

Page 25

Kern: Spilled blood boils in a flash. Not something Chrys has ever done before, but within her skill. An extreme, prompted by an extreme situation. Her dragon's blood was also used as catalyst, which is not something that would normally happen either. Hope you guys enjoy the payback after so many pages of tension.

Page 26

Kern: The aftermath of the blood-splosion? Of the blood-flare? Of the acid reflux--Of Chrys just blowing things up, let's leave it at that.

Page 27

Kern: The dead speak. Also Cahal is a good boi.

Page 28

Kern: A confrontation of ideologies for these two sisters. Uncovered lies, or a new deception? Whether or not Saph'ala tells the truth, Chrys is not at ease with the idea.

Page 29

Kern: The conversation comes short. It's kill-or-be-killed, at this point. And Chrys faints from blood-loss.

Page 30

Kern: Saying goodbye to her dragon as a new threat rises over the streets. I colored the characters, so some effects may come out differently than the usual.

Pages 31-40

Page 31

Kern: Meanwhile, in the main streets the battle is intensifying. Bombardment, demons, mercenaries. The army column has long broken into smaller sections having to fight independently.

Page 32

Kern: Chiri can sense the enemies coming to assault them through walls of solid stone. Advantages of someone who can see the "future". So this splinter of the army won't get surprised by an ambush. Although anyone who can assault many enemy warriors and pass through wall of stone like butter isn't a lightweight attacker.

Page 33

Kern: Predicting every move, they halt the enemy agent's attacks.

Page 34

Kern: Surrounded, the enemy displays her true power. One of those special ones that are summons within a vessel of flesh. Not so easily defeated, and with powers that go beyond what's normal. Most of the enemies so far were regular Feldians. You just can't tell which ones are special as they all wear the same armor. They're not supposed to stand out after all; Snad likes to work unmarked. And considering the states of many of those special ones... without faces sometimes.

Page 35

Kern: Good old purging by fire still works. Here's your Dragonball Z page. Hopefully you have senzu bean for that burn.

Page 36

Kern: Burnt to ashes, demons flooding the street, and blast tortoise in the back. The second agent took a bit longer to arrive and silenced the lookouts ahead. But Baliir (rolled a 20 on a stealth check?) arrives on the scene to silence the second enemy, saving many from having this scene stretching for another week. 8D It's pure chaos out there.

Page 37

Kern: Meanwhile Kiel was hunting the source of the demons. And, finally, she may have found it. Although the shape of the demon seems familiar.

Page 38

Kern: Kiel and Nau leap into action. Disabling the demon gate and its summoner.

Page 39

Kern: An old friend is revealed, and through her the story of a divided group of survivors. Obviously, it was Fame and she didn't mean to attack Kiel's group. Nor did Nau want to throw Fame overboard. When you need to hire mercenary demon summoners, there's those ex-Vloz going around these days. Would work for little money and big words. This is how two sides of the same group end up on opposite sides. Also, I have to say - after so much grim drama, feels nice to have a group that's lighthearted even in dangerous situations.

Page 40

Kern: The demonic gates are being closed all over the battlefield after a misunderstanding is cleared up. It's ex-Vloz... of course even warfare has got to be weirdly handled. At least Fame still listens to Kiel. And so does Nau, in a way, who just caught her mentioning a second child. Also drawing DT Naal after so long. :3 <3

Pages 41-50

Page 41

Kern: An open declaration from a trio of newcomers. And a sign of what happens under the glorious reign of Snad - Body modifications to become more efficient is a thing.

Page 42

Kern: They make a stand in their entrenched positions.

Page 43

Kern: The defenders' morale is under assault by the enemies' tricks. Full villain party. Spellsinger, empath, and tank - all modified and likely immortals.

Page 44

Kern: The effect spreads through the streets, pacifying the resistance and leaving Faen to stand alone - and angry - against her enemies.

Page 45

Kern: She rises above the battlefield to bolster their resolve against their enemies' influence. Everyone predicted it and, yes, Kyo is there to oppose the enemy's power. It is a long starting fight to this chapter, as everyone is involved, but I think by now everyone must feel we're reaching the climax of the fight.

Page 46

Kern: Faen receives unexpected help from a former enemy. She got the potassium from the banana. Get in there Faen; you're powered up. Empress Faen must rise.

Page 47

Kern: The moment when the tide of battle turned. Arise, Faen, and take your throne. :D

Page 48

Kern: As the pressure increases, the enemies prepare to retreat in an explosive way. Right at Kyo.

Page 49

Kern: Scream off!

Page 50

Kern: One of the enemy flees the battlefield to find a worrisome sight. That the rock is back. It will take down all the Nids!

Pages 51-60

Page 51

Kern: An uprising of the angry locals, joining the battle to take down the scattered enemies in their streets. More rocks! Throw them. Crossbow Lady was involved in a very old chapter, and I felt like adding her one last time for funsies. The other two ahead of the crowd are cameos though; ones without concept art. Also, those agents must have been killing bystanders, wrecking buildings and such... it would piss people off. Including some Tei'kaliath, apparently.

Page 52

Kern: Pressed from all sides by citizens and the allied combined, the enemy force collapses. Or, in the case of some mercenaries, turns sides. 50 pages of street battles... that was a long one. Although there is still something else...

Page 53

Kern: A moment of peace, one Faen takes advantage off to land a mighty punch. Nuclear punch. Should've taken Ariel out in one punch, really. Mighty bear will sit upon the throne - and soon!

Page 54

Kern: The romantic moment is short-lived, as a group take advantage of Faen's distraction to attack. I mentioned there was one bit missing to these street battles. Everyone got their personal fight, except Ariel, who just had Faen stand for her.

Page 55

Kern: A painful battle with poor start for Ariel, whose recent rise to power isn't welcome by many in her own clan. Plus that fallen is a Nid. Given a year or two, the Sarghress would've been just another branch of Snad's millitary. Also, wolf enters the battle. Probably bolted through the holes right off, and raising a rock wall at the last moment didn't work for that wounded agent.

Page 56

Kern: Armor shattering, punching, stabbing, and strangling. Fun times. A little bit of Quain in there.

Page 57

Kern: A sharp knife from immortals. Wouldn't be so easy. Ariel is outnumbered and she's getting tricked like Durlyn. She is good at closing wounds, but how much can she take from people who also have an unfair lack of mortality.

Page 58

Kern: Unable to call for help, she is cut down. Goodbye finger. Can't even give the middle finger to them now. Or yell at them, for that matter. I considered for a while how to show that scene. Figured we've seen plenty of back-and-forth slicing in this chapter, but not from first-person viewpoint, which I think gives this scene more impact.

Page 59

Kern: From within her body emerges forgotten things from many years ago. I shouldn't be surprised to see you guys pulling up Chapter 8 and predicting the return of these snakes heads from years ago. It's all still inside her body. Technically part of the mass and - yes - Khaless knew stuff. The the last panel, she looks very much like like her, too.

Page 60

Kern: Faen arrives on the scene to witness the result. Faen reports, Ariel is suspect. Ariel claims the bodies were already there when she arrived. Faen voting -- Check result of the vote in the next page.

Pages 61-70

Page 61

Kern: A hug and a hush. Cuddle age begins.

Page 62

Kern: Faen turns Ariel's words back at her. Then, make her demands. Demands of hugs and cuddles.

Page 63

Kern: The aftermaths of the battles, as the survivors regroup. Chrys and Ariel would need a long recovery. Maybe Chrys can wave an angry arm at the enemy.

Page 64

Kern: Taking the cannons from the ambush and turning them against the dome for the final assault. Start of the second arc for the chapter.

Page 65

Kern: The faithful guards meet with the rebel guards, but which is which? Chrys was never ordered to pull these moves; not all of the guards followed her. And the ex-traitor who lost her tongue now stands against them.

Page 66

Kern: A clash of words and the seed of doubt.

Page 67

Kern: The mute leader speaks with her actions. What's one more betrayal. Her actions in the past led to the death of Diva, the fall of the old system. And what was her reward? She got used, discarded, tongue and ear cut off. And then? Back to her old post, expected to act against her duty once again. A loop she chooses to break.

Page 68

Kern: An answer is given. She is tired of this shit. Skip the yes-or-no answer - go straight to sign language with her loverboi Al'tesh, right Thrair? IS SHE PRETTY NOW!?
Editor Note: The Al'tesh/Nir'naya ship started as a joke. It would seem it stuck.

Page 69

Kern: They break into the dome, taking over room-by-room and freeing prisoners. But, of course, there are still ambushes. Possibly the most-lethal ones are still coming.

Page 70

Kern: A new madness and the trap is enclosing them. Except someone seems to be sneaking in - Panel 1 Kiel and Naal. I know the action is chaotic though with such numbers, it's a real challenge not to. And no, the cannons wouldn't damage the demons; but that doesn't stop them from flinch-firing, adding to the chaos.

Pages 71-80

Page 71

Kern: Disarming the gate, although there is already a massive entity that came through.

Page 72

Kern: More defect as the balance of power keeps shifting. It's a recurring theme by now. Some people are hired help and won't want to die for coin. Others are there for the sake of old alliances and certainly wouldn't die for people they already despise. Belds being some of them. So its not just the Sarghress having problems with traitors in their ranks, by the end Snad may have problems finding true allies.

Page 73

Kern: Meanwhile they break out of the trap to find a familiar person blocking their way. A long-awaited confrontation. Mel had been on the backburner a lot these past years.

Page 74

Kern: Things escalate fast as Mel admits to the murder. To anyone who may be thinking "That's fast!" Ariel is making a guess based on little evidence and Mel just confirms it outright. Like daughter, like mother - they just fuel each other anger instead of resolving the misunderstanding. Ariel is pissed, Mel is pissed. Also, finally?! I know people had been awaiting Mel bringing up the children's deaths for a while.

Page 75

Kern: The children live, and through them comes the realization of a betrayal. Faen rolled high on her persuasion, even if Ariel gave her a disadvantage on the roll. Faen MVP. Boss fight avoided.

Page 76

Kern: Meanwhile, Snadhya is taking the recent developments well. So well it's face-smashing fun-time. 8D

Page 77

Kern: The path up is secured by an ally on the inside. Meanwhile, Mel and Zhor are on their way to get their answers. There's a little time-shifting, there. In my original script, Chrys got up there first, then Mel and Zhor followed. But I think people would rather know what's going to happen with Mel, Zhor, and Snadhya first. Especially since these two scenes just happened. So, Chrys, I'm sorry but the elevator is busy right now.

Page 78

Kern: Distress is spreading through the tower's defenders as Mel marches through to meet their leader. Also answers what Zala had been doing up there.

Page 79

Kern: Mel isn't in the mood to wait any longer as she meets with her former love. Another problem of loyalty there: Mel could've been stopped, or at least an alert raised, but the person in charge of her keeping let Mel in.

Page 80

Kern: Loss of tempers all around. Pre-order your ticket to Stabbocon today. For an event all about stabbing each other is about to start.

Pages 81-90

Page 81

Kern: Kind words turn to the past-tense, and both act at the same time. Zhor calling out the gaslighting.

Page 82

Kern: So close to end it all and so near to turning a page over it all, but the need for revenge is strong.
Funny tidbit. The panel where the dragon encloses Snadhya didn't have eyes on the side until Kite rendered the rock. It was... cats. The page was done on twitch where people can click buttons to insert cats into the artworks and I forgot to remove them. So, as you peer into the dragon's eye, I'd like you to imagine that the spheres are cat heads and the glowing dot is the cat eyes.

Page 83

Kern: Mel pierces through her defenses with ease. Meanwhile the guards make their way up the tower.

Page 84

Kern: Disarming the trap and surprising their foes, they charge into action. Starting 2021 with a big page! Happy new year to everyone, may this upcoming year be greater than 2020.

Page 85

Kern: Waiting ahead is the last person she wanted to face. Shinae vs Chrys, fight! Sisterality?

Page 86

Kern: From one threat from her past to another, Chrys finds herself cornered in a strange room. This one was getting quite late, so I helped with the coloring of the last two panels.

Page 87

Kern: Cornered, she seeks any advantages she can find while her people fight for their lives outside. And no, Wi'am appears to not be there. Maybe the recent loss of a tail has her busy doing something else.

Page 88

Kern: Pinned down by her nemesis. As many pointed out, she is no fighter and already heavily wounded. There's no way she could win 3-against-1 in a fair fight.

Page 89

Kern: Help came to give her a moment to act, although acting may have a cost. Al'tesh crazy expressions lets go.

Page 90

Kern: She reaches for the blood and the result is much bigger than she expected -- What's in those vats is a neutral blood-replacement that led to this chain-reaction. Chrys didn't know it would go this far. Also, Thrair has been telling me for years "You can kill my character". I think he really wants Al'tesh dead.

Pages 91-100

Page 91

Kern: The immortals are hard to kill, but there's someone who wants to mix things up. Chrys has had - and is having - a very rough time.

Page 92

Kern: Years of struggles, to end up at her sister's mercy. Chrys is super done.

Page 93

Kern: The end of all things for Chrys, but her sister seems to think there's a solution. On the topic of monologue, Shinae is sure having one now, but then she isn't trying to kill Chrys.

Page 94

Kern: Shinae hides her sister from the enemies. Chrys really hits rock bottom.

Page 95

Kern: She wishes there would be one thing she hadn't failed in her life. And so she hugs Shinae. (One arm, because the other one is super F'd at this point.) And thus Shinae is defeated.

Page 96

Kern: A hug. And a final promise.

Page 97

Kern: Snadhya finds herself truly alone. And there's more "traitors" to answer her call.

Page 98

Kern: And she shows fear for the first time.

Run Snad, run. My view is that even the most powerful individual, once cornered and bereft of allies, can be defeated. The evil overlord in its castle can't do much by itself, they need minions. And Snadhya is running out of them. Some are even turning against her, making her paranoia go higher.

Page 99

Kern: There, hanging above a lethal fall, some hard truths had to be said. A page that's been a long time coming.

Page 100

Kern: A few words of love, a mysterious beam of light, and one giant red button for Snad to press. It's fitting that this is page 100. Snad, backed into the very top chamber at the edge of Chel's crust. Cue final battle music beginning.

Pages 101-110

Page 101

Kern: Some of the tower's defenders are caught looting the place and a massive weapon is revealed. Showing further deterioration of Snad's powerbase when her people begin looting. Also, the portal is a reference to the next project. For the entirety of DT, portals were always a messy circular pattern with key nodes, often carved with a knife. But those following the Hel project up close will know it's supposed to be something else.

Page 102

Kern: Incoming apocalypse. There you go: Title of the chapter shoved in. Job done. :)

Page 103

Kern: Escaping from the coming horde. Shinae, much-disliked angry sidekick, turned out to be one of the most steadfast in the end, when facing the world's destruction.

Page 104

Kern: A crash, returning memories, new eyes, and a desperate escalating situation. And yes, that threat about the flowers outside is yet another trap that's not surviving actual fighting conditions. Fire is already spreading, and with the demon hordes it's not really something thats going to catch anyone's attention.

Page 105

Kern: Those who can step forward to seal the horde, but it is endless and is spreading across the city. The page's point is to show that, yes, people are trained to deal with it. But sure, you seal one door... while the rest of the city will die.

Page 106

Kern: The demons swarm over the city until they meet an opposing force. Everyone knew they'd come. After all, there's cameos and it'd be weird for the Kyorls not to show up eventually, considering they've been waiting for this day.

Page 107

Kern: Former enemies come to aid in pushing back the tide, giving the defenders at ground zero a glimpse of hope. If that page doesn't start to feel like this going toward an ending. United, the clans could push long enough. But long enough to do what? Certainly not throw lances and cannonballs at the gate.

Page 108

Kern: The world needs heroes and she steps forward to be one. Kiel wanted to be one from the very beginning.

Page 109

Kern: A kiss before the last adventure. Nau doesn't hear Naal there; he thinks Kiel answered him, but she was confirming to Naal that it is a one-way trip.

Page 110

Kern: Two friends' rocky ride into the red abyss. With a spiraling demon escort. By the time this is over, there won't be any windows left on that upper tower.

Pages 111-120

Page 111

Kern: Something is terribly wrong with Snad and Kiel begins to feel the effects of being through the portal's threshold. At this point the portal is gigantic, encompassing the entire floor. Kiel may have done something very similar to Sharess during the previous age; or at least will attempt to.

Page 112

Kern: To Naal's eyes, the gate is an opening to an endless ocean. Fishes and a new face for Kiel. Things get funny past that threshold.

Page 113

Kern: Kiel desperately tries to find a way to stop the gate, as time is running out for her physical form. New fancy horns. Those who saw the artwork of yesterday knew it was coming.

Page 114

Kern: The rings of the portals are pushed out of alignment while still active, with possibly catastrophic results. Naal is losing her shape not out of physical effort, for her body has very little physical mass; it's the beam of energy from the summoning portal crossing her body that has this effect.

Page 115

Kern: Kiel and Naal try to escape as reality crumbles around them. There's no exit because there's no wall or floor any longer. Whatever gateway this mad spin created, they've fallen beyond the threshold.

Page 116

Kern: They find themselves in a strange place full of stars. Next few pages finally let me experiment with some stuff. Hope they'll be fun.

Page 117

Kern: Countless stars, countless worlds. Couple things unsaid about the page: This isn't a sea; there is no water, she's not breathing, she's not hearing. She doesn't even have a body at the moment, the world within tethered to the infinite. It's all perception. Just like Naal was the way she was because she and Kiel perceived her to be that way.

Page 118

Kern: A reflection of their true selves, updating the front page. And of course Kiel wouldn't resist trying something; at least part of her wants to. And I've never made it a secret so it's not really a reveal that the blobs are people. But now it's confirmed in canon.

Page 119

Kern: The gate implodes. Today marked the 20th year of Drowtales. We'll have something special for the week to come, but we felt like we had to wrap up this story arc first.

Page 120

Kern: With a great shake, the tower collapses. Big boom post gate-closure.

Pages 121-130

[Page 121]

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[Page 122]

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[Page 123]

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[Page 124]

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[Page 125]

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[Page 129]

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[Page 130]

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Pages 131-140

[Page 131]

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[Page 132]

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[Page 133]

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[Page 134]

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[Page 135]

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[Page 136]

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[Page 140]

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Pages 141-150

[Page 141]

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[Page 142]

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[Page 143]

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[Page 144]

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[Page 145]

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[Page 146]

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[Page 147]

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[Page 148]

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[Page 150]

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Pages 151-160

[Page 151]

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[Page 152]

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[Page 153]

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[Page 154]

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[Page 155]

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[Page 156]

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[Page 157]

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[Page 158]

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Pages 161-167

[Page 161]

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[Page 162]

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[Page 163]

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[Page 164]

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[Page 165]

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[Page 166]

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[Page 167]

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Special Pages

19th Anniversary Special

Kern: 19th anniversary special is up. Four pages in one chunky update to officially introduce our next project. Where it is taking place, how it relates to DT, and what happened to Rosof too. Damn, that's a lot of years. More than half my life on one project, but I am quite glad to be wrapping it up. My mind has been wandering a lot to that upcoming project, lately.

"Attack Demon Training" Chibi

Kern: Chibi page by Kite. Attack demon training and what if Kite drew the comic.

"Alternate Fight Ending" Chibi

Kern: Special holiday page by Kite is up and an alternative ending to the fight. You guys stay safe this holiday and keep on devouring all the tasty stuff!