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Pen'ri Vloz'ress

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Pen'ri is a hungry demon now wandering the ruins outside of Orthorbbae. Prior to her possession, she was a cheerfully nihilistic scourge of Ni'bai.

Appearance & Personality

As a Drow

Pen'ri was an extremely well-endowed female drowolath with tainted eyes. She had short white hair worn in a bob-cut. She wore a simple red robe with a revealing neckline and leather padding on the shoulders, bound together with a leather corset. She notably did not wear any form of footwear, opting instead to remain barefoot. She was trained to use a sealing Halberd, but saw little purpose to in light of her tainting.

Pen'ri had a outgoing and whimsical demeanor, with a devil-may-care attitude to the world and the possible destruction of civilization. Despite her outward charm and cheer, she was fully capable of utterly ruthless acts in support of the long-dead Sene'kha's vision.

As a Demon

Following her seed's takeover, Pen'ri's appearance undertook a drastic change. The most apparent of these changes was the growth of a spiked turtle-like shell on her back, as well as the development of a large toothed maw that can be unhinged to allow for incredibly large bites against her victims. Additionally, her left arm has grown malformed, having only two large fingers and a thumb, and she has developed additional eyes above her brows.

Her personality has also become vastly more primal and animalistic. While still possessed of much of her former intelligence and memories, she is now primarily driven by an overwhelming hunger. Encountering Kiel brings out a far more aggressive and vengeful demeanor that was not seen before in the once-cheerful scourge of Ni'bai.

Biography - Arc II

Pen'ri cheerfully prevents Fame from fleeing.[1]

Ni'bai's Plot

Pen'ri was first seen as Ni'bai took advantage of Kiel's absence to enact her plot to use Kharla'ggen to summon forth and control a Demon God. With Ni'bai's other scourges having eliminated the childlike Ill'haress' guardians, the plotters brought Discordia to the Ill'haress' chambers, coercing Vren into discreetly bringing Kharla'ggen before them.[2] Pen'ri's primary role in the scheme appeared to be distracting and manipulating Kharla'ggen while Ni'bai and the others made their final preparations. Before they could proceed, Fame'nidea happened to arrive, seeing the corpse of Naal'ga and thus become aware of the plot. Though she attempted to take her leave, she was taken hold of by Pen'ri, who contained the accompanying Sindas and Njack, insisting their new guest remain and using her to pique Kharla'ggen's interest.

While Vren attempted to plead for Fame's release, he succeeded only in drawing the ire of the now-curious Illhar'ess, quickly succumbing to her control. With Fame's protectors now restrained or worse, Pen'ri took her away as the young girl made futile attempts to warn Kharla'ggen of the danger.[3] As Pen'ri led Fame deeper into the fortress, she dismissed her concerns, insisting their plans were what Sene'kha would have wanted, and that Kiel remained an ignorant child incapable of leading the clan to its true purpose. Her attention focused on Fame'nidea, Pen'ri did not notice the escape of Sindas, who darted forward and saw what awaited them at the bottom of the stairs. Be'tor and Umpus had recently slain The Twins and were occupying themselves with hiding the evidence.[4] While Pen'ri and the others had intended to kill Fame'nidea as well, the demon princes were able to cause enough of a disturbance to allow Fame to escape with her life, allowing her to alert Baliir to the plot.[5]

Pen'ri lures a naive Kharla'ggen to her doom.[6]

Puppeteer Incident

Having opened an unrestrained nether gate in the heart of the Vloz'ress fortress, Ni'bai and her followers ignored the swarms of demons escaping as they attempted to lure out their true target with Discordia serving as bait. Their attempts succeeded just as their foes arrived at the barred doors the chambers, and Ni'bai swiftly ordered Pen'ri to bring forth Kharla'ggen.[7] Now dressed as a maid to pander to the mad Illhar'ess' whims, Pen'ri lured Kharla'ggen to the gate as the gargantuan demon emerged. Having brought the vessel forth, Pen'ri followed Ni'bai's orders for all but the vessel to leave the room, trusting Umpus to defend against interference from Baliir and Sara'hilana.[8]

However, while Baliir and Sara were unable to prevent the ritual from concluding, Kharla's absorption of the Demon God did not achieve the intended results. Though absurdly powerful in her own right, containing such a powerful entity proved beyond even her abilities. While Ni'bai's initial orders were followed, and a newly-empowered Kharla'ggen unleashed her high sorcery upon the entire district,[9], she swiftly lost control and even the plotters fell victim to her powers.[10]

To the fortune of the majority of Chel, Kharla'ggen was shortly killed by the attack of a demonic Naal and the collapse of the entire fortress. Faced with the might of the combined Sharen and Sarghress alliances, the escaped Demon God retreated into the rift. The effort to control such a large and powerful demon likely doomed from the very beginning, the plot ultimately did little but lead to the destruction of the Vloz'ress as a great clan, an irony given it was intended to grant them control over the entirely of Chel.

Biography - Arc III

The now-demonic Pen'ri attempts to devour Kiel.[11]

Encountering Kiel'ndia

Though able to escape the fall of the Vloz'ress Fortress and her clan's destruction, in the three years following the conclusion of the District War Pen'ri succumbed to her seed. Now a demon, she broke into Orthorbbae to eat light fixtures for mana when Kiel confronted her.[12]. The demon promptly attacked out of hunger, but as it roused itself to greater awareness and recalled the memories of Pen'ri, its attacks soon became motivated by a misguided sense of vengeance.[13].

Notable Quotes

"Come on. We've got a big surprise for you."[14] - Luring Kharla'ggen before the Demon God.

Character Concept