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Petri'cho Kyorl'solenurn

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Appeared in chapters                                           42                 

A trainee and servant of Shimi'lande.

Appearance and Personality

Petri'cho is a shy drowussu. She wears an orange robe over a blue-green dress? She has grey hair tied up in a bun.


She appears in one of Chirinide's visions, where someone who appeared to be Chirinide but is actually Shimi'lande asks her to deliver some messages while telling her to not let any Judicators see her. When Petri'cho is next seen, she is being tortured by Rafal'za as part of the Order of the Twin Eyes' investigation into Shimi'lande's death. Petri'cho states that after receiving the messages, she went to get a dammer from Sativah but just as she was going to deliver the messages, Miner'a and Lysire'indris stopped her and brought her to Rafal'za to be interrogated. Next she is seen, she is tainted, almost certainly as a result of Kyuusei's machinations, and exiled from the Kyorl'solenurn, with tears in her eyes as El'ysia states she is sorry for what happened.

Notable Quotes

"Ewhk... I was thewhe. When... Shimi'lande... Was muwhde'hd." Attempting to explain why she was tortured.

Character Concept