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Quian Jie'yen

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Appeared in chapters                                  33 34    38*                     

The Jie'yen ambassador held hostage during the Nuqrah'shareh Civil War.

Appearance and Personality

Quian is a tall drowalath with short, cropped white hair. She wears the deep crimson colors of the Jie'yen clan with a black cloth waistband decorated with a dragon motif.

Biography - Arc II

Nuqrah'shareh Civil War

Quian was the ambassador sent to represent the Jie'yen clan in Nega'fanea Val'Illhar'dro's court. Upon hearing Balsii's intention to usurp Nega'fanea's rule of Nuqrah'shareh, she calmly stated that the Jie'yen could not approve of the coup.[1] She was taken hostage, along with the rest of the Val guests from Chel.[2]

Notable Quotes

"Foreign wars bring chaos to our shores. Letting these refugees in was a mistake. Our matriarch advised against this from the very beginning." - To Nega'fanea, after hearing Sandaur's report of the growing civil unrest in Nuqrah'shareh.