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Rag'naros Sarghress

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Appeared in chapters                                                          57  

Rag'naros is a Sarghress soldier serving in the Sarghress-Imperial coalition.

Appearance & Personality

Rag'naros is a tall male drowolath with a brawny build and purple eyes. He has medium-length hair dyed red and styled into a rough bun. He dresses in a purple-and-black striped tunic, with matching pants. Outfitted for combat, he dons relatively plain Sarghress armor, as well as a scarf and sash for added warmth. His favoured weapon is a longsword.

He is a friendly and relaxed individual, living in the moment and taking most things in stride. He is open with his opinions and thoughts, lacking much in the way of a filter and often flustering those around him with his blunt manner of speech. He is very fond of his personal sword, putting an extensive amount of care into its maintenance and using it for numerous mundane tasks.

Biography - Arc III

Rag'naros first appeared as the Coalition marched upon the Council Dome, encountering strong resistance by Nidraa'chal and Feldian agents loyal to Snadhya'rune. As he took momentary cover alongside his fellow Sarghress Saga and Miri'rakiam, as well as the renegade Val'Sharen Chigusa, he offered a blunt summation of his misgivings with the assault. These misgivings were soon compounded as the Nidraa'chal unleashed a widespread empathic assault to weaken the resolve of the advancing forces.[1]

Notable Quotes

"Ya know, I'm starting to feel this whole venture was a real bad idea."[2] - Offering his typically-blunt assessment of the coalition assault upon the Dome.

Character Concept