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Re'van Kyorl'solenurn

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Appeared in chapters                                           42       49          

A templar who worked alongside Shan'naal to quell public outcry against the construction of another wall.

Appearance and Personality

Re'van is a lightly built drowussu with short white hair and pale blue eyes. He wears a brown cloak over standard armor. He is loyal and dutiful, but also compassionate and merciful. He is suffering from immense guilt over his actions during the Kyorl'solenurn purge, and seeks to repent for his part in the slaughter.


He returned to his quarters alongside Shan'naal where both are upset and disheartened by what happened during the day, concerning the Judicators' order to suppress the dissenting commoners who opposed the construction of another wall. He is later present at the gathering where the death of Shimi'lande Val'Kyorl'solenurn was announced.

Holy Mother Arc

He is next seen among the many who flock to see Anahid. He is the first to step forward to the young initiate, confessing to his part in the purges and seeking guidance. Anahid gently asks if he would follow such orders again, and as he affirms that he would not, she states this means he has already returned to the true path. When Anahid espouses forgiveness of the tainted, many react with contempt and fury and moves to arrest the aspiring Holy Mother. However, Anahid soon demonstrates her powers by revealing the sins of her detractors. As many around her stand down, Eclavdiira charges and attempts to kill Anahid on the spot, but is stopped by Kahru and Chiri.

He is later seen among the assembled crowd of peaceful protesters, alongside his Holy Mother.

Notable Quotes

"Sharess be my witness. I only meant to help them." - Speaking to Shan about attacking citizens on their Judicators' orders.

Character Concept