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Reka Sarghress

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Reka is an archer serving in the Fallen Legion. Most recently, she was stationed in Machike.

Appearance and Personality

Reka is a small and petite female drowolath with blue eyes. She dyes her hair blue and wears it short, with one bang frequently covering her right eye. She wears the standard uniform of the Fallen Legion, as well as a grey cloth headband. She is very reserved and taciturn individual, speaking very little. However, despite her outward stoicism, she can be easily flustered by attention from those she admires.

Biography - Arc II

The District War

Reka supervises her trainee Nul'indra as they provide cover fire for the Sarghress ground troops.

Reka first appeared during the height of The District War, as the Sarghress began their push into Sharen-controlled territory. While operating alongside a young fallen legion recruit in sniping valuable Sharen targets, she was ambushed and wounded by Kary'awa's dragon Falaris.[1] Fortunately, she was rescued by Laj'vati and Tur'geis. Though she suffered several broken ribs, a broken arm, and lacerated flesh, she survived and was seen being treated in a captured Sharen fort.[2]

Much later and after largely healing from her prior wounds, she was seen acting as a sentry for Quain'tana during the closing phases of The District War.[3]

Sarghress Coup

File:RekaSaves Ariel.png
Reka throws off the aim of Ariel's attacker.[4]

Following the events of the Puppeteer Incident and the end of the District War, Reka continued to serve as a sentry. She was flustered by a chance encounter with Ariel, who to Reka's surprise remembered her from their earlier service together.[5] She briefly followed Ariel, and wished her luck as she was challenged to a duel by Riviel.[6]

The following day, as the Sarghress moved to assault the suspected hideout of Snadhya'rune, Reka was seen providing sniper support from a nearby rooftop. As an exceptionally large glutton demon emerged from the tower, she opened fire with her fellow archers. However, the group was suddenly attacked by Shinae, who was acting under the command of the Nidraa'chal. Though the Assault suffered heavy losses and was unsuccessful in locating Snadhya'rune, Reka survived largely unharmed.

As the Sarghress Coup unfolded, and Suu'be attempted to apprehend Quain'tana with minimal further bloodshed, Reka took up position with fellow archers. As one of her fellow archers panicked and fired a shot at Ariel, Reka bumped their arm to disrupt the shot, which resulted in a very near miss.

Biography - Arc III

The Hermionne Invasion of Machike

Reka acts as spotter during the siege of Machike'Shikumo.

Reka was among the Sarghress defenders holding off the Hermionne siege on Machike'Shikumo, acting as a lookout and spotter for the artillery teams.[7]

Later, after the unprovoked bombardment of the colony by Snadhya'rune's airship, Reka was among the surviving defenders who answered Ariel's call-to-arms. After the colonists retreated deeper into the underworld, she provided ranged support when the colonists set a trap for the airship, sniping crew members who were positioned on the decks with her crossbow.[8] She then accompanied the rest of the defenders as they pressed further in to the center of the underworld, with the airship still in pursuit.

As the defenders made to leave, they encountered an Alliance traveling party, led by Oiloss'lin Xyrrai'zestu Sharen. Hiding quickly, they managed to avoid being detected by the Alliance warriors, as they did not know the motives of the travellers or their destination. After the party was ambushed by Kavahini warriors, Oiloss'lin resorted to nether summoning to scatter the ambushers. As one of the wounded Koubagia Kavahini attempted to escape, she was chased by one of the summoned demons, and made her way towards the rocks where the Machike defenders were hidden. Not wanting to allow a demon to attack their own group, Bal'diira sealed it away, while the others tended to Koubagia.

Reka watched from a vantage point as the defenders were soon challenged by another Kavahini warrior, Chakri Kavahini. She demanded the release of her comrade, and when Ariel attempted to negotiate a possible alliance, she challenged the defenders to earn the Kavahini's respect by taking the airship.

Escape to Sha'shi

Taking on Chakri's challenge to prove themselves worthy of being the Kavahini's allies, the defenders continued to play cat-and-mouse with Snadhya'rune's airship, leaving a trail of stuffed dummies and stone counterfeits to draw the fire of the mana cannons and to lure the ship deeper into the underworld. Eventually, they located Sha'shi, a research outpost located in the heart of the underworld which was home to a group of engineers studying golem technology and the nearby pieces of the fallen moon that had formed the underworld millenia ago.

A Desperate Gamble

Reka fires at more of the airship crew members while Faen protects the defenders from Bae'rali's empathy.

After forging a temporary alliance with the engineers of Sha'shi, the Machike defenders decided to make an attempt to board and capture the Nidraa'chal airship when it landed at the outpost to take on supplies. Reka was pinned down by Bae'rali Val'Sullisin'rune along with the rest of the boarding party, until they were released by Faen Val'Sullisin'rune, who countered the powerful empath. Reka and the remaining defenders were then able to continue their take-over attempt, resulting in the airship's eventual capture.

Notable Quotes

"Remember your training. One shot, one kill."[9] - To Nul'indra, during the height of The District War.

Character Concept

Outside of Moonless Age

Reka first appeared in Relic Hunters as a Highland Raider in the Marauders and later Cloud Piercers squads.