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Rel'lumia Val'Nal'sarkoth

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The Illharess of the mercantile Val'Nal'sarkoth clan.

Appearance & Personality

Rel'lumia is a tall and regal drowolath with green eyes and a slim build. She has a rather haughty personality, but is also a strong proponent of peace and a return to the surface for the drow races. As she is primarily responsible for orchestrating the trade networks that bring many goods to Chel'el'sussoloth and many other nations both underground and on the surface, she exerts a great level of economic influence despite her clan's relative lack of martial strength.

Biography - Arc I

The Moon's End Council

She first appears alongside her daughter at the gathering of the clans called by Zala'ess, in which the Vel'Vloz'ress first appear as a Great Clan at such a gathering. Rel'lumia quickly voices her objection to the Vloz'ress presence at the gathering, and is quite skeptical of their motives. As the topic of conversation moves to the street-fighting and chaos Chel's current political state, Nega'fanea brings up the topic of the Black Suns, drawing the attention of Rel'lumia. As Nega'fanea elaborates as to the size of the tribes and their inclination towards opportunistic raiding, Rel'lumia confirms the danger with reports of their attacks on her own clan's expedition teams.

As Nega'fanea makes an impassioned speech regarding conquest of the surface world and the carving of additional empires, Rel'lumia agrees in part; while she feels the drow have enough enemies among their own race, she believes the surface shows signs of recovery and thus efforts should be made to reclaim it. She also showns concern as to the long-term effects the underworld has on the drow as a race, particularly the birth of the Sightless. Unfortunately, conflicts arise at the table, especially regarding the absence of Diva'ratrika and Quain'tana, as well as the recognition of the Vloz'ress as one of the Great Clans. This ends all further talk of surface colonization as the meeting collapses.

Biography - Arc II

Rel'lumia's death at the hands of her own guards.

Puppeteer Incident & Death

Unfortunately for Rel'lumia, she is left exposed by the empathic attack orchestrated by Ni'bai, in what comes to be known as the Puppeteer Incident. Her family awakens from the attack to find Rel'lumia brutally murdered and some of her goblin guardians missing; with the heavy implication that they used the opportunity to betray their master. With her death, the Nal'sarkoth clan is thrown into chaos, casting doubt even as to it's status as a Great Clan.[1]

Notable Quotes

"Conquest? I do not think we need to fight the other races. We have enemies enough amongst our own kind." -Arguing against a more militant method of reclaiming the surface.