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Relon'tar Sarghress

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Relon'tar is a Sarghress Golem engineer and pilot who served during the height of the District War.

Appearance & Personality

Relon'tar has short grey hair tied into a side ponytail. He is a helpful career soldier who believes in Sarghress ideals, piloting Kal'yantra-made Sarghress golem during the push to take the Darya Lake districts.

Biography - Arc II

Relon'tar laments the loss of his golem arm during the District War, but doesn't let it get in the way of getting a job done.

He is seen taking on enemy soldiers in his golem alongside Kau Val'Sharen. During the Sarghress push against Black Sun forces in Sharen territory, he lost his golem arm and suffered minor injuries. Despite being unable to obtain a replacement for his broken golem arm, he is later sent to the Well of Light ruins to report on the merits of salvaging it. He reports to Mira'linn that he doesn't think it is worth salvaging the project though he notes that it might be possible for there to be quick delivery from the top of the ruins to the bottom.

Notable Quotes

"I won't leave my squad mates till I'm out of legs."[1]

Character Concept