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Riviel Nori'fu Sarghress

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Appeared in chapters                                                   50         

A young and headstrong soldier of Suu'be's bloodline.

Appearance & Personality

Riviel is a stockily-built young drowolath with orange eyes. She has unkempt orange hair and the facial scarification common within her house. She is proud and determined, with a strong emphasis on personal strength. However, she is also willfully stubborn, and has a large chip on her shoulder regarding those of Val status. In particular, she harbors a strong dislike for those whom she feels have not had to work for their position.


She is first seen after the conclusion of the District War, as Ariel waits to spar with Quain'tana. Riviel brazenly walks up to the young heir and challenges her to a match. Though Ariel initially refuses, Riviel is able to easily provoke her into accepting by insulting both her and Quain'tana, calling them both hypocrites. As they walk towards a sparring ring, Riviel further elaborates on this dislike, accusing Ariel of being pampered due to her status. As Ariel begins to object, Riviel abruptly initiates the spar with a strike towards Ariel's face. Immediately, Koil rebukes the young soldier for striking at an opponent's unarmored head in a spar. However, as it is revealed that Ariel was goaded into the fight with petty insults, Koil irritably orders both to resume.

As the fight begins anew, Riviel reaffirms her opinions, expressing cynicism towards Quain'tana's usage of the Val system, and that true Sarghress work to end the Vals. After a brief exchange of blows, Riviel spots an opportunity to grab hold of Ariel's long ponytail, thinking to pull it to her advantage. However, she is caught off-guard by Ariel's newly-developed skills with her shapeshifting powers, and is thrown to the ground by the very same hair she sought to pull. Having lost the bout, Riviel spitefully rejects a hand extended by Ariel and storms off in anger.

Notable Quotes

"You know what I think? I think you're a hypocrite. You, and Quain too." -Speaking to Ariel, regarding her perceived failings.

Character Concept