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Appeared in chapters                                         40*                   

Rizo is a manservant in the building complex in which Sama'ki and her family once resided.

Appearance & Personality

Rizo is a lean male drowolath with short white hair. He dresses in a plain black suit with a white undershirt. He is professional and unfailingly polite, on the surface a model butler.

Biography - Arc II

Rizo first appeared as a manservant attending to the needs of Sama'ki following her date with Jens. He escorted Sama'ki to her home within the building upon her request, then departed with a curt bow. Immediately afterward, she found her home to have been invaded by Black Sun mercenaries abducting the household for 'failing to pay tribute'. Though Sama'ki returned to the doors of her home and called out to Rizo to open them, he did not respond.[1] It is unclear if he was aware of the attack.

Notable Quotes

"At once, sera."[2] - Responding with his customary professionalism.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 54.