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Rosof Tions Sarghress

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Appeared in side stories Machike's Conquest

Rosof is the patriarch of the Tions line and one of the oldest advisers in the Sargress clan. He is the one that gave Quain'tana the large wolves that would become her clan's iconic mounts. He also serves as the Dev'ess of the Tions subhouse and as the commander of The Fang, the Sarghress wolf-cavalry.

Appearance and Personality

Rosof is old and grizzled - he has seen plenty of battle in his day. His right eye was blinded in his duel with Quain'tana and has a prominent scar covering it. He deeply respects Quain'tana despite her ruthlessness, and he provides her the wisdom of his years freely. He is suffering from the latter stages of mana deprivation, leaving him visibly aged and with a prominent stoop.

Biography - Background

Centuries before the main story, Lord Rosof Tions was the leader of a settlement at Machike'Shikumo. During the year 704 Moonless Age, Quain'tana Val'Sarghress, then merely the general of a ragtag group of mercenaries, waged war on Machike in the name of conquest. He personally challenged Quain'tana to a duel in attempt to decide the fate of the settlement with no further bloodshed. Though he fought valiantly, losing his right eye in the process, he was defeated by Quain'tana and ultimately surrendered his territory. In return for his knowledge and a pack of dire wolves to use as mounts in battle, he was able secure the lives of his people by joining with Quain'tana's army.

He went on to stand by Quain'tana's side and saw her through the rise of the Sarghress clan to Val status, personally accompanying her as they cemented the Sarghress alliance to the Val'Sullisin'rune. Despite the fact that he is male, Rosof is so well-respected by Quain'tana that his line in the clan carries his name rather than that of his mate. He remains a trusted friend and adviser to Quain'tana, having served alongside the mercenary queen for centuries.

Biography - Arc I

Witnessing the Declaration of a New Heir

Rosof was present with Nei'kalsa, Sar'nel and Mandroga when Ariel completed Quain'tana's order to bring Mir'kiin Vel'Vloz'ress to her feet, defeated. Ariel was then ordered to kill Mir'kiin; if she refused, then she was to fight Sar'nel to the death. When the girl hesitated, Rosof spoke finally, telling her to do as Quain'tana ordered. He then watched as the small girl took up a heavy mace and beat the Vel'Vloz'ress boy to death, leading Quain'tana to declare Ariel her daughter and new heir.

Rosof observes Quain'tana's first and perhaps harshest lesson to her new heir.

Mandroga questioned how this would affect Koil'dorath's standing, as she had already been declared Quain'tana's successor after Laelle's fall. Rosof commented that Koil'dorath was sure to remain as Quain'tana's second in command of the military, and would keep all of her privileges if Ariel were to take her place. After he continued to press the issue, including an offer to have Koil'dorath's troops watch over Ariel for the near future, Quain'tana grew irritated with him and ordered him to leave. Once Mandroga had exited, Rosof advised Quain'tana that Ariel shouldn't be entrusted to Mandroga - if she were to fall, then Ariel's life would end as well.

Quain'tana agreed, commenting that she hadn't expected Mandroga to be so difficult to push aside. Rosof noted that there appeared to be trouble ahead, and continued to advise her that she was currently too important to the troops, which made her the clan's biggest strength and weakness - perhaps once Ariel was grown and trained, they could return to the overworld together to continue their battles.[1]

Summoning the Devesses

Rosof and the other devesses observe Syphile's final failure.

After a meeting with Zala'ess Vel'Sharen regarding the fate of the captured Chrys'tel Vel'Sharen declined into threats and insults, Quain'tana summoned the clan devesses in preparation for a coming clan war. He remained quiet as the discussion about Quain'tana's new heir rose. When some of the devesses began to question the Ill'haress' decision, a beaten and defeated Syphile tumbled down the stairs as the commanders passed, only to stop at the feet of Quain'tana herself. At the top of the stairs stood Ariel, settling the current discussion regarding her choice of heir.[2]

A Message From the Sharen

Rosof stood beside Quain'tana as they observed the battle at the Val'Sarghress Fortress gates. He was shocked as Syphile announced her presence, clad in Sharen colors and challenging Quain'tana for leadership of the clan. His order to put her weapons down was refused; Quain'tana accepted the challenge, disowning Syphile and asking who she had sold herself to.The fight was brief, ending in Syphile's death, but not before the former heir spoke words to Quain'tana that seemed to unsettle her. Rosof advised her that they were the ramblings of a traitor, and to not let it distract her.[3]

Biography - Arc II

The District War

Rosof was among the troops present welcoming Quain'tana home to the Val'Sarghress Fortress after the defeat of the Vel'Sharen clan. Later, after Quain'tana gathered the devesses again after her parlay with Zala'ess Vel'Sharen, Rosof spoke against joining the proposed Alliance, reminding them that a treaty with the Sharen would threaten their treaty with the Val'Sullisinrune. Quain'tana overruled him, stating that they would make the deal. When she proposed using Zala'ess' weakness for her family by taking hostages as part of the deal, Suu'be responded by suggesting that they give Ariel to the Sharen in return. Rosof disagreed, stating that Suu'be was too hasty in giving away Quain's blood, considering how much they had done to keep Ariel alive. Their meeting was interrupted by a sudden onslaught of nether demons, which had been released by Vel'Vlozress renegades.[4]

Assaulting Snadhya'rune's Tower In Chel

Quain'tana again summoned the devesses, this time to plan the assault on Snadhya'rune's holdings in Chel. During the meeting, Sil'lice Val'Sharen arrived, reporting the failed attack on Felde. Rosof asked her if she truly had nothing to show for her efforts; in reply, Sil'lice showed them a head she had taken from one of Snadhya'rune's spies, reporting that they had encountered a group of Beldrobbaen.[5]

Rosof finds himself in a dilemma after finding out that he was deceived.

Sarghress Civil War

During the anti-val mutiny, Rosof gathered his sub-house members, hoping to restore order to the clan. Word reached him of Ariel's death in the Sarghress jail; to his surprise, however, she was very much alive when he arrived with Sar'nel and Nei'kalsa. Ariel questioned him regarding his loyalty, asking what he was planning to do with herself and Kau. He advised her that he had been sent to retrieve a body; instead, he would see that she got to Quain'tana, who was on a rampage throughout the Fortress, feeling that Quain might not attack her daughter. If they could get her to stop long enough to talk, they might be able to regain control of the clan.[6]

The group arrived barely in time, as they found Quain'tana on her knees with Suu'be before her, about to finish the Ill'haress off with her sword. When Quain'tana managed enough strength to kill Suu'be before succumbing to her wounds, Rosof ordered Sar'nel, Nei'kalsa and others loyal to Ariel and Quain'tana to escort the heir and Quain's remaining grandchildren to Machike, feeling that they would be safer there until the mutiny was quelled.

Rosof and an unknown Sarghress languish in an unidentified prison.

Biography - Arc III

Rosof was noticeably absent upon Ariel's return to the Sarghress Fortress, followed by her successful challenge for leadership. During her briefing with Niende on the status of the clan, she asked if he had seen any of the other commanders; the administrator commented that nobody had seen Rosof in some time. It was later revealed that Rosof and another unidentified drow had in fact been imprisoned, most likely within the prison that Nau'kheol and Kiel'ndia discovered in the Sharen Dome.

He was shown alive but in unknown condition; when asked by one of his fellow prisoners, he recounted a short tale of the origins of the Sarghress dire wolves. The timeframe of this event is unknown[1].

Notable Quotes

"You wish for a lot, mercenary queen, and some things come at a price."[7] - Speaking to Quain'tana regarding their alliance with the Val'Sullisin'rune.

"I hate to be the voice in favor of continuing the war. A war of siege, mind you. Any treaty brokered with this alliance will endanger our own with our longest standing ally." - To Quain'tana and the other devesses, when deciding whether or not to join Zala'ess Vel'Sharen's proposed alliance.

"I came to retrieve a body. What I find is a dilemma." - To Ariel, when asked what he planned to do with her and Kau during the anti-val mutiny.

Character Concept