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Sal'bara Val'Chai'tioc

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Sal'bara was a loyal Nidraa'chal that aided in the theft of the Val'Illhar'dro airship. Prior to her death, she was the sole known surviving member of the Val'Chai'tioc clan.

Appearance & Personality

Like her fellow Nidraa'chal Yuh'le, Elham and Tanavya, Sal'bara chose to follow Snadhya'rune and help fulfill her goal of an ideal world. She held a strong hatred for the Vel'Sharen. Sal'bara usually wears black heavy armor in combat, with golems at her side ready to attack.

Biography - Arc II

Sal'bara first appears during the Nuqrah'shareh Civil War onboard the refurbished ship, monitoring Chrys'tel Vel'Sharen and her group as they move through the ship innards. She is using her floating monitoring golems to spy on them, to report to ehr fellow Nidraa'chal later. Sal'bara appears once again onboard the stolem ship during Snadhya'rune's dramatic speech about her future plans.

With her advanced knowledge of golem engineering, Sal'bara continued to serve as a thorn for enemy forces. In the Val'Nal'sarkoth compound, she played bodyguard for hr mistress when Nishi'kanta Vel'Sharen forced her way in. After a quick bout with the young Sara, Sal'bara was overcome by a mana explosion from Nishi'kanta's own golem creation. An'jin took advanage of the confusion by clocking Snadhya'rune in the head with Sal'bara's own monitor golem[1].

Biography - Arc III

Three years after the conclusion of The District War, Sal'bara was on board the stolen Illhar'dro ship once again, but now managing the engineering process. She was ever butting heads with the young headstrong Sasi'rael, who was assigned captain of the crew, over how to maintain the ship[2]. The bickering caused the crew to be caught unawares by a Sarghress sneak attack in Machike'Shikumo: Sal'bara witnessed a goblin cannon narrowly missing the ship's hull[3].

When the ship is crashed & overtaken by the Sarghress colonists, Sal'bara challenges them with a powerful arsenal of bombs, a mana cannon, and her centipede-shaped golem. She held her own for a while, but soon realized that her crew had abandoned ship and fled--Sal'bara fought even harder, angered by the deserters. She is finally brought down and killed by Kyo'nne's sonic blast; just before sge dies, Sal'bara gives an ominous warning to Kel'noz about the destruction of the Sarghress clan.[4]

Outside of Moonless Age

Sal'bara features prominently in the daydream story, Mel X Snadhya'rune Origin[5], as a favorite Orthorbbae student of Snadhya'rune. She was once a former Val of the destroyed Val'Chai'tioc clan.[6]