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Saryth Mae'yukir Sarghress

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Appeared in chapters                                                47   50         

A blind and openly sadistic member of Koil'dorath's squad.

Appearance & Personality

Saryth is a lean drowussu with black hair drawn into a very long pony-tail. She is completely blind and her eyes have heavy cataracts. She is soft-spoken and polite, but this belies an extremely vicious and sadistic personality. Her expression rarely changes from that of a faint smile, even while engaging in the most brutal of acts.

Biography - Arc II

Saryth and Gaes team up to extract information from Nir'naya.

She is first seen during the closing hours of The District War, during the peacetalks between the two alliances. She arrives with the dismembered remains of civilian protesters, giving them to Gaes to feed the wolves. Their callous disregard for the lives of civilians earns the pair a strong rebuke from Koil'dorath. They continue to watch from their post as the meeting takes place.

Shortly thereafter, she is one of the many overtaken during the Puppeteer Incident orchestrated by Ni'bai. After the control is broken, she is among those that help drive back the demon god before a formal peace is brokered between the Sarghress and the Sharen alliances.

She is next seen alongside Gaes, undertaking a brutal interrogation/torture of Nir'naya. Despite a severe beating, Nir'naya remains stubbornly silent, so Gaes restrains her while Saryth mutilates the former Guard-Captain by severing her left ear.

Sarghress Civil War

Saryth and the rest of her squad were sent by Suu'be to extract Quain'tana's grandchildren from their quarters before they could be retrieved by Sang's followers, preferably alive. When Jiv'kyn opened the door and announced that the children were dead, Saryth and the others pursued him while Faen slipped out with the kids and ran for their lives.

Later, the squad was ordered to assist with the search for the escaped Laele'aelle, eventually finding Laele kneeling alone in a corridor and surrounded by fallen sealers. Sensing something was wrong, Saryth demanded that Gaes kill her. Gaes was happy to comply, and struck down Laele with a fatal blow to the head. After Saryth admitted that she had felt the corruption pouring off of the former heir, Laele's demons manifested, having been freed from her body with her death. The demon quickly consumed the nearest sources of mana, which happened to be Saryth, Awdri, Ulbaga, Gaes and one last unfortunate sealer.

Notable Quotes

"You could save us some time by giving us the answers we need. Simple answers, really. And then you get to keep your body parts. We both win." -While interrogating Nir'naya.

Character Concept