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Sen'gil Nimaraidh Tei'kaliath

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Appeared in chapters                                         40                 57  

A Tei'kaliath-born soldier serving in the Sarghress Home Guard.

Appearance & Personality

Sen'gil finds himself missing the surface world immensely, preferring it to the destruction caused by the District War.

Sen'gil has short yellow hair and wears what appears to be a green shirt under his armor. He doesn't care very much about the outcome of the war, stating that Chel will fall eventually anyway--he has a strong love for settling on the surface. He is also a member of the Tei'kaliath clan.


Sen'gil works together with his squad to capture a Black Sun combatant using their earth foci.

Sen'gil is a member of the Brawlers squad under the command of Jak alongside Zair'cysparvin and Mek'kel. They were sent to infiltrate and capture a Vel'Sharen building. After their success, he is seen hanging out with the other soldiers where he states during Ariel's outburst and the dishonourable actions of her fellow soldiers that everyone needs to calm down and asks who would care if they did some looting since if Chel is screwed, they could go to the surface. He is later seen as part of the captures Sarghress imprisoned in the Slavers district where he and the other prisoners successfully took down the district from the inside. During the battle, he took an arrow to the knee and is currently recovering from it.

Notable Quotes

"I miss Ama'varde... Apple trees, green land, friendly people who aren't out to kill you--"

More Information

Though not part of recognized Moonless Age canon, Sen'gil was a player character in Path to Power, and more information can be found in the [Path to Power wiki].