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Serena Kal'yantra

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A Kal'yantra engineer working for the Sarghress.

Appearance and Personality

Serena has shoulder length purple hair, purple gauntlets and purple armour for her legs, though she doesn't have armour to protect her chest, instead just wearing a shirt. Serena has a friendly personality.


Vloz'ress Attack On North Cliff

Serena explains how the whispering towers work to a curious Kau.

Serena was first met outside of the Sarghress Fortress, where she waited for her escort squad to arrive. When Kau asked what was in her wagon, she advised that it was a whispering tower, and happily explained what the device's purpose was. Once the full escort had arrived, they proceeded towards their destination of North Cliff.[1]Serena is a Kal'yantra engineer working for the Sarghress faction. After arriving at North Cliff, they began to assemble the Whispering Tower, but were interrupted by a hostile Vloz'ress scourge. Several members of her squad died in this attack, but she and Xtka'en escaped unharmed.

Serena takes shelter with Ini'riia and her bodyguard after the Vloz'ress attack.

Unable to find the rest of her squad in the chaos of Maki's invasion, she took refuge in the home of a Sarghress merchant with Faen, Ini'riia Val'Nal'sarkoth, and her bodyguard, Kyolr'gan. There, she met Ariel and Kau, who were also searching for lost squadmates. Together, they made their way to the district office where they were attacked by another Vloz'ress scourge. Serena used her engineering skills to help Kau free a trapped golem pilot who had unfortunately already succumbed to the nether infestation.

In the aftermath of Maki's attack, she regrouped with her former squadmate, Xtka'en. They both decided that they would follow Ariel to Darya Lake to aid in Koil'dorath's assault.

Notable Quotes

"New tech from the west. A 'whispering tower'. They're towers that can talk to each other. We're going to test them and see if we can pass messages across the Sharen blockade with it." -When asked about the cargo her squad is transporting.