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Sha'sana is former headmistress of Orthorbbae and an extremely powerful summoner.

Appearance & Personality

Sha'sana is a tall, aquamarine-haired dokkalfar of regal stature and status: once, she donned the heavy armor of Sharess' summoner legions during wartime, then the green robes of learning for her role as Headmistress of Orthorbbae. Now, Sha'sana wears a simple white dress with a green overcoat, with a green gem embedded in her forehead and on her dress. Sha'sana's experimenting in Orthorbbae turned her into a tainted dokkalfar with a fused seed, similar to a vel'akar, but in control of the demon inside her. She holds a great dislike for the drow like most dokkalfar, believing them impatient, inferior, and forgetting the reason why Sharess led their ancestors into the underworld.

Biography - Arc I

The Chaotic Moonless Age

Like many of the dokkalfar refugees, Sha'sana found herself in the midst of the chaotic beginning of Chel'el'Sussoloth after surviving the Great Wars and the destruction of the world by the hands of demons. Early Chel was a wild, violent place where clans fought for supremacy and survival, and saw the effective end of the dokkalfar at the hands of their drowolath children.

She was Orthorbbae's first Headmistress--she likely helped shape Chel's very first settlement. Sha'sana was also a loyal follower & personal friend of Sharess, and saw herself alongside the Val'Sharen in turning the clan into an empire--she dealt with matters of state, such as the Sullisin'rune threat to Sharess' legacy in the 3rd Century War. The dokkalfar was there when Diva'ratrika Val'Sharen declared the war over by forcing Ash'waren Val'Sullisin'rune to bend the knee and reduce her family from a queendom to a mere Val clan.

During the centuries, Sha'sana was given Diva'ratrika's eldest daughter Snadhya'rune to educate and the two were involved with many experiments involving nether summoning. To Sha'sana, the goal was to safeguard the elven race from nether so that the horrors of the Great War never scar them again. For Snadhya'rune however, unknown to her master, nether summoning became the groundwork for her plans that would later come to be known as The Nidraa'chal Conspiracy. Whatever the case may be, the two experimented on themselves by becoming ver'drowendar--during this time, Sha'sana obtained knowledge to merge with her demon seed. Sha'sana remained the headmistress up until year 1083, during the Nidraa'chal uprising: Snadhya'rune had turned on Sha'sana and declared that if she wanted to live, she should retire permanently from politics and go into hiding. For the dokkalfar, the choice was very simple: abandoning the hated darklings to their hole in favor of protecting Sharess and her legacy was a priority, and the former headmistress went into isolation in the hidden Ninth Tower.

The Ninth Tower

Sha'sana explains how deconstruction of the clans is the basis of Nidraa'chal goals.

It wasn't until 16 years later that Sha'sana was rediscovered by Lulianne that the old woman decided to break her silence. The Dutan'vir was surprised to see that Sha'sana was still alive, as Sandhya'rune has spread the word that she had died during the war; Sha'sana simply explains that she chose Sharess over the lost ashen children, and expresses her hatred for Snadhya'rune and her plans for destruction brought on by the experiments they did. It was the Sharen heir's idea to use the taint fusion technique to give only to her loyal Nidraa'chal followers, and spreading the faulty taint to the Vel'Sharen and the masses beyond. Sha'sana hopes that Snadhya's plans backfire on her soon, because demons rarely go according to plan. Each clan was being manipulated unknowingly by Nidraa'chal agents.

Sha'sana pointed out that the Dutan'vir falling was necessary to Snadhya'rune's plans--removing pillars of power would drive society into chaos, leaving easy routes for the Nidraa'chal to move in. Lulianne begs the old headmistress to come with her and release this vital revelation into the public, but Sha'sana had already given up on the drow long ago. The Dutan'vir is quick to call Sha'sana a hypocrite for aiding the Nidraa'chal by doing nothing against them, but the dokkalfar counters that the people have lost sight of the reason for being in Chel'el'Sussoloth, and only SHE preserves Sharess' legacy by keeping her body hidden inside the Ninth tower in the belief that her old friend will return to unite the clans. To Sha'sana, not even the Val'Kyorl'solenurn do anything to honor Sharess' true wish of returning back to the surface.

Biography - Arc II

Assault on Orthorbbae

While long shielded by official neutrality, Orthorbbae's protection would not last. With the District War largely concluded, and Sarghress forces turning their attention at last to Snadhya'rune, the great school comes to be viewed as merely another holding of the Queen's eldest daughter. Sil'lice, in particular, views an assault upon Orthobbae as a way to strike at Snadhya'rune personally. Leading a force into the towers, they begin slaughtering all those encountered. Simultaneously, Kiel enters the school with Nau and several Vloz'ress associates in an attempt to locate the rumoured 9th Tower. In the chaos, Kiel and Nau are able to find the hidden lift into the tower, eventually encountering its sole living resident: Sha'sana herself.

Coldly greeting the pair and having captured Kiel's demonic summons, an argument erupts between the ancient summoner and the energetic Kiel. An argument that quickly turns into an altercation as Sha'sana insists the duo leave. Moving to throw them from the tower's elevator, Sha'sana stays her hand when the manifestation of Naal's demon catches her interest. Intrigued, she demands the three to stay so that she might study the strange occurance, even promising to make certain allowances for Kiel's friends and allies.

However, this peace is ultimately short-lived. Having tracked Kiel to the elevator, Sil'lice arrives with a force of Sarghress soldiers. Accompanying the force is Diva, the reborn form of Diva'ratrika. Recognizing her old friend despite her new body, Sha'sana is caught entirely off-guard as Sil'lice strides forward and brutally impales the ancient summoner. Horrified, Nau attempts to intervene, distracting Sil'lice momentarily. This allows Sha'sana to counter by shoving the captured mass of Kiel's demons directly into the vengeful Sharen's face, both rendering her unconscious and tainting her in the process. With Sil'lice disabled, more moderate minds prevail the hostilities cease.

Unfortunately, this comes far too late for Sha'sana, who lies mortally wounded. As Diva rushes to her side, Sha'sana passes on the location of all her research, which Diva promises to find and preserve. Relieved, Sha'sana reminiscences one final time with her old friend, passing away to memories of the surface and the stars.