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Shimi'lande Val'Kyorl'solenurn

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Shimi'lande Val'Kyorl'solenurn was the 10th Ill'haress of her clan the Holy Mother of the Sharess religion.

Appearance and Personality

Shimi'lande is a passionate Ill'haress with a knack for finding happy mediums between moderate and radical ideals within the Kyorl clan. She is fiery when it comes to dealing with the tainted and the Sharess religion. She cares greatly for both the Ssu and the Lath people, and is always pushing for peace and prosperity under Sharess' grace. Shimi'lande, like most of her clan, is a firm believer in Sharess' sacrifice for the elven nations fleeing the demonic hordes. Most often, she uses her prescience to guide followers on the right path.Compared to her peers, she is seen as moderate by other Kyorl'solenurn, and tries to seek a balance between radical factions of the faithful within the clan.

Shimi'lande is usually seen wearing flowing blue and white robes that cover every inch of her body, and her hair is worn in a ponytail with golden tubes strung on the ends--sometimes she is seen wearing a golden crown or a simple gold band that holds the ponytail in place. Her eyes are a green-grey color and like most drowussu, she retains a pale teal green version of her ancestor's hair color. Shimi'lande sports markings on her forehead that mark her as an Ill'haress, an elected position that is a unique practice for the Kyorl'solenurn.

Biography - Arc I

Chirinide’s Visit

Shimi’lande is first seen holding an audience with her adoptive daughter, the young Warden Chirinide, who has come to seek answers about her incomplete vision of the daughter of the Holy Eye. Shimi’lande advises her to be careful not to leave everything up to chance, for prescience is an imperfect sorcery that does not have all the answers. Shimi’lande admits that because of her own prescience the Kyorl people give her lofty titles such as “Farseer” or “the Enlightened”, but in reality her visions don’t offer much in the way of solutions to problems.

Shimi’lande reminisces about Chirinide coming into the clan, burned up and barely recognizable; the fact that the young girl stands before Shimi’lande now is a testament to Sharess’ blessings on them all. However, Chirinide believes she is unworthy of the Ill’haress’ praise and wonders if she should kill herself instead for having a Vanir father, but Shimi’lande is quick to state that Chirinide shouldn’t feel bad about be lineage because it breaks her heart to hear such words. Shimi’lande then instructs the warden to journey to the surface with the daughter of the Holy Eye and a trusted companion to learn all she can while up above, adding that it’s better to keep the insights secret.

The Vloz'ress "Gift"

Shimi'lande sitting in a chair made of wood, a rare material in the Underworld.

After an unsuccessful attempt to infiltrate the Vloz’ress fortress, Shimi’lande is visited by two Vloz’ress soldiers with a large coffin containing the dollified body of Kami’seide, still twitching and moaning. It is the Vloz’ress mocking the Kyorl’solenurn attempts to bring down their clan--the transformed woman was a “gift” from Ill’haress Kharla’ggen. All Kyorl’solenurn present are horrified, specially Shimi’lande who appeared to have known Kami’seide personally… Panicked, the Vloz’ress soldiers swears that he didn’t know what was in the coffin, but Shimi’lande commands the guards to remove them from her sight.

Chirinide and Shan’naal arrive a moment later and mistaking Kami’seide for a big doll, but Shimi’lande beckons them to see for themselves and promises to try to restore what she can of the warden. In the meantime, Chirinide had come to report to the Ill’haress about their activity, the loss of Tir’ade, and to discuss the reasoning behind Kami’seide’s attack--Shimi’lande believes it was a taunt to get the Kyorl’solenurn to attack Vloz’ress openly and become weakened. However, it is a bait she will not take; instead, she calls on Ky’ovarde to take care of the matter and attack the Vloz’ress covertly.

The Ill'haress Council

After being summoned by Zala’ess to attend an unusual Ill’haress Council meeting sans the Empress herself, Shimi’lande is the first one to sling mud at the Kyorl’solenurn’s hated enemy: she comments that Kharla’ggen Vel’Vloz’ress and Larv’ova ought not to attend the meeting until their own clan has found ‘stability’. But before a fight could escalate Zala’ess calls on her to calm down and give the Vloz’ress a chance. The conversation then shifts to the instability in the city coming before the Moon’s End Festival, which worries several of the minor house leaders. Speaking in the name of her clan, Shimi’lande vows to keep the peace with Kyorl’solenurn troops, and believes the Val’Sarghress will do the same.

The topic of unrest in the city continues with Shimi’lande listing her reasons for the city teetering on the edge of ruin: the Nidraa’chal War came at a great cost to the city and its people, leading to rising housing costs, increased poverty, and the slave trade business blossoming. She warns that disaster is on the horizon if the leaders do not act quickly to correct these issues, but the leaders cannot agree to any one way to fix the underlying issues in Chel’el’Sussoloth.

Then the topic of mandatory tainting for summoning in Orthorbbae was brought up, and along with Waes’soloth Val’Beldrobbaen and Ash’waren Val’Sullisin’rune, the Ill’haress was extremely opposed to the idea of tainting. Her reasoning is that the clans have learned nothing from the Nidraa’chal war and continue to allow their children to be infected by demons, and Shimi’lande demands that these practices stop at once for the sake of future generations.

Shimi'lande, wearing a novice's uniform.

An argument erupts over Orthorbbae and Zala’ess Vel’Sharen’s daughter Saphala makes a veiled insult aimed at the Sullisin’rune and Kyorl’solenurn, and things escalate when Shimi’lande calls for the Empress to simply appear if she wants to move against the clans’ wishes. Zala’ess tries to deflect this by revealing some critical info about the Sarghress’ absence, but Shimi’lande doesn’t buy it for a second. The Ill’haress proclaims that the Vel’Sharen want to manipulate the entire council to turn against the Sarghress, just as they manipulated the rise of the Vloz’ress threat after the fall of the Dutan’vir clan. Because Shimi’lande declared that she would fight against the corruption, Zala’ess warns that the clans still owe allegiance to the Vel’Sharen, but Shimi’lande declares that if the Sarghress are outcasts for fighting the corruption in the city, so too would the Kyorl’solenurn. As the Ill’haress storms out of the council, she adds that the Kyorl will purge the city one way or another, whether with allies or all alone.

The Judicator Council

After the Council meeting, Shimi’lande is called to meet with the Kyorl’solenurn Judicators of the Orders to be evaluated. She repeats all that happened in the Council meeting, and the Vanir Judicators begin to debate over how to handle the evolving situation with the crusade against nether summoning. Meanwhile, Shimi’lande tries to explain that an all out war should be avoided so that countless lives may be spared so the pure drow and future generations be spared a horrible fate. As she is dismissed, the old vanir leaders discuss Shimi’lande’s record so far with some in favor of keeping her as Ill’haress and some wanting a more direct leader to replace her. In the end, the Judicators decide to let Shimi’lande remain in her position for now.

Biography - Arc II

Shimi'lande is visibly troubled by prior events happening in the clan, and is writing letters to the Val'Sarghress, Val'Sullisin'rune and Val'Beldrobbaen. Petri'cho was given these letters to the seers representatives of these three clans, with a warning not to let the Judicators see what was inside them. Shortly after Petri'cho was sent away, Shimi'lande addressed a tainted assassin wearing a familiar Vloz'ress mask and hiding in wait for the Ill'haress to be alone. In an act of mercy, the assassin gives Shimi'lande a painless beheading, but not before the Ill'haress gives one last message to all of the seers who were having the vision of this scene simultaneously. Only Chirinide is able to decipher her words and seeks the message left behind in the place where they first met: that the young seer needed to follow her own path.

Unfortunately, Warden Lysire'indris and Warden Miner'a intercept Petri'cho and claim the letters for their Order. It is revealed that her written letters were missives abdicating the Dutanvir lands to Sarghress-Sullisin'rune alliance, and the reveal of who would succeed Shimi'lande.

Notable Quotes

“The lives of our people, of the pure drowolaths, of the generations to come, need to be preserved. Let us give them a reborn world to live in!” –at the Judicator meeting

Character Concept