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Siashodra Jaal'darya

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Siashodra was a Jaal'darya engineer serving in the Sarghress-Sharen Alliance. She was slain by Shinae during the course of the Coalition assault of the Council Dome.

Appearance & Personality

Siashodra was a lithe female drowolath with reptilian green eyes. In addition to the Jaal'darya modification of her eyes, she had a number of draconic features, including clawed feet and a long scaled tail. She wore her brown hair long and styled into a pair of braided ponytails, and dressed in simple brown overalls. Her modifications left her extremely limber, capable of contorting herself in ways that would be extraordinarily painful to an unmodified drow.

Her temperament was generally stable, if pessimistic. However, she was also strongly affected by the temperature around her, tending to become drowsy in low temperatures and more aggressive in high temperatures. This was less a result of modified biological traits as it was a psychosomatic quirk. She had a small green dragon companion named Aighionu, of whom she was quite fond.

Biography - Arc III

Second Battle of Felde

Siashodra first appeared as Ariel's wolfpack faction stormed Snadhya'rune's tower in Felde. As a group of Alliance personnel fell back to the lower levels of the tower, she rose through a lift with a pair of Jaal'darya biogolems, intent on driving back the attacking Sarghress forces.[2] Though she noticed Melas'ryon pulling his daughter to safety from among their enemies, she made no comment on the matter and did not pursue it.[3] Nearly crushed by a golem, and with most of her allies having already fled to the elevator, she made a last ditch effort to bomb the attackers with a caustic form of blood sorcery.[4]

Ultimately, should would survive the battle as the remaining Wolfpack forces surrendered to Sarhgress custody.

Coalition Assault

Mere days later, Siashodra once more found herself embroiled in a siege by Sarghress forces. With her Empire crumbling around her, Snadhya'rune had begun to suffer a mental breakdown. While some brought up the possibility of forcing their ruler's aura into a new host body, Siashodra expressed great reluctance, as she pointed out there was no way of telling how that would effect the many living summons bound to the elder Sharen.

Despite her reservations, Siashodra began preparations for the transfer alongside her compatriot, Felis'nuul. Their work was abruptly interrupted by the arrival of Chrys'tel, who stumbled into their lab while fleeing pursuit.[5] Moving quickly to apprehend an enemy combatant - and frustrated by Chrys'tel's desperate damaging of her equipment - Siashodra and Felis'nuul leapt to attack, forcing Chrys'tel to the ground and restraining her. As Jaharka arrived, cruelly stabbing Chrys'tel in the arm, she remarked on the convenience of Chrys'tel's presence in the lab, implying sinister plans for the wayward Captain. Unfortunately for the trio, any further schemes were interrupted by the arrival of Al'tesh, whose sudden appearance forced them to divert their attention from their captive.[6] While the lone guard was swiftly overwhelmed, the diversion gave Chrys'tel enough time to use her sorcery in attempt to cripple the attackers. Unexpectedly, the sorcery had a powerful catalytic reaction with the blood-substitute in the vats nearby, leading to a massive explosion, killing Al'tesh and Felis'nuul outright while severely maiming Siashodra and Jaharka.[7] While her sorcery had allowed her to mitigate the worst of the blast, she was left too wounded to defend herself and was promptly executed by Shinae.[8]

Notable Quotes

"The immortals. They are essentially summoned beings linked to her. If we transfer her, what happens then?"[9] - Expressing grave concerns with blindly transferring Snadhya'rune's consciousness into a new host.

Character Concept