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Slainne Am'saag

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Appeared in chapters                                                       54     

Slainne is a powerful matriarch among the Am'saag barbarians, chieftain of her own tribe in the mountains.

Appearance & Personality

Slaine is an extremely buxom female drowolath with teal eyes. She dyes her hair rose and styles it into a very large and heavy braid. She has an ornate tattoo on her left arm. She has a boisterous, forceful, and flirtatious personality. As is typical of the Am'saag, she has a free-spirited nature and a strong love of both drinking and fighting. Though she has several children of her own, she has a strong desire for grandchildren.

Biography - Arc III

Notable Quotes

"Hah! Girl, there'll be bloodshed aplenty. You think the next colony will be as welcoming? Expect them to attack you on sight!"[1] - Cheerfully chiding Ariel for her desire to avoid bloodshed.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 54.