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Sorn'mal Vel'Sharen

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Sorn'mal is a former Imperial Guard of Sarv'swati's lineage, now a Machike colonist.

Appearance and Personality

Sorn'mal has short, spike white hair that is dyed black on top. He is blind in his right eye, and his face is marked by several battle scars. He also has a large tattoo running along his right jaw all the way through his right ear of pointy white teeth. His remaining eye is tainted red.

Sorn'mal has a dragon, Baef, that he rides into battle. He is very protective of Baef, and adorns its horns and neck with jewelry and scarves. He wears a modified helmet that shields the entire right side of his face. His preferred weapon is a foci-enhanced war axe.

Biography - Arc II

First Landing Attack

Sorn'mal was posted alongside several other Imperial Guards during a public parade of Diva'ratrika. Unbeknownst to him, the procession was actually a ruse created by Sarv'swati to propagate the myth that Val'Sharess Diva'ratrika was alive and well. The woman he was protecting was actually a biogolem in the form of the Empress.

Sorn'mal only discovered this when a squad consisting of Sarghress assassins and commoners attacked the parade procession[1] While the guards were distracted by the sloppy commoner attacks, Myo'na of the Fallen Legion was able to break their defenses and stealthily murder the biogolem, exposing the fake Diva'ratrika.

Felde Gathering

Sorm'nal's dragon Baef catches Nau spying on him, Sarai and Ran'diirk. The three interrogate him. Sorm'nal and Sarai don’t believe the truth that Snad is behind this but they did believe the lie that Kharla is the mastermind[2]. Later he enters the building alongside Sarai. After Ran'diirk dies attempting to kill Snadhya'rune, he comforts Sarai as best he can.

After The District War

Following the formal peace between the Sharen and Sarghress, Chrys'tel is tasked with locating her sister and bringing her before Zala'ess. She selects both Sorn'mal and Nona'brail to accompany her in this[3]. All attempts to reason with Shinae fall flat, and a battle ensues. Initially gaining an advantage through the element of surprise, Shinae succeeds in injuring Sorn'mal and Baef. However, she makes the mistake of pausing to taunt her sister. Sorn'mal uses this time to recover and turn Chrys'tel's sorcery-altered blood back upon Shinae, following up with a vicious axe-blow. With Baef also recovering and delivering a powerful bite to Shinae's arm, the fight is all but ended.

Knowing herself beaten, Shinae rejects a final offer of surrender and takes Nona hostage in attempt to buy herself time. Knowing her to be to injured to get far, and not wanting to risk Nona's life, Chrys'tel and Sorn'mal opt to let her go and track the trail of blood from a distance. Eventually, Shinae releases Nona and continues on alone. Sorn'mal rushes to his mate's side and scrambles to tend to her wounds.

Zala'ess' Illness

Main article: The Flower Plague

Sorn'mal, Nona'brail and Al'tesh Vel'Sharen are both assigned to guarding Zala'ess, whose infection had progressed to a madness stage. Her most recent hallucination episode startled the two soldiers, prompting caution against letting info about her condition spread to the Sarghress. When Zala'ess seemingly comes to her senses, Sorn'mal requests permission to fetch Chry'stel, who had left to seek the Jaal'darya in a hurry[4]. Three days after Zala'ess' recovery, Sorn'mal and Chrys'tel go to question Nir'naya in her prison about Snadhya'rune's involvement with Zala's sudden questionable orders. Joined with Sarai, they discover their former Captain beaten and without a tongue. It is there that the two are informed by Al'tesh Vel'Sharen that Zala'ess has declared Chrys'tel to be the new captain of the Imperial Guard.[5]

Biography - Arc III

Sorn'mal finds Baef slain in the field.[6]

Sorn'mal is among the Machike'Shikumo colonists driving the Hermionne away. With Baef tearing down one of their trebuchet, Sorn'mal, Brorn and Lenar lead a charge against the hostile goblins [7]. The charge holds long enough for the cannon to be removed from enemy hands, but Baef takes several mortal arrow & spear wounds in the process. Sorn'mal had no words as he mourned his beloved mount's death on the field, with Chigusa joining him.

When the Nidraa'chal attack the colony, he and his family are forced to evacuate to the city below[8], carrying two precious eggs left behind by Baef. He and many survivors are attacked once again while in the city, forcing the group to be separated from other survivors.

Sorn'mal followed Ariel to Sha'shi, where the fight for survival continued,when the ship docks. When the survivors overpower the Nidraa'chal and return home on the airship, Chigusa and Sorn'mal return home to witness one of Baef's eggs hatching beside Arkeo[9].

Notable Quotes

"Though the wretches harmed my dragon. UNFORGIVABLE!"[10] - After the attack on the parade.

Character Concept